Starship Entertainment’s Editing Gaffe with IVE’s Photo

In the fast-paced realm of K-pop, where every detail is under the microscope, Starship Entertainment recently found itself in hot water. A seemingly innocent backstage photo of the popular girl group IVE turned into a subject of online debate due to an editing oversight.

The Blunder Unveiled:

Starship Entertainment's editing mistake on IVE's photo
Starship Entertainment’s editing mistake or just lax work ethics?

A recent photo-editing mishap from Starship Entertainment has both amused and bewildered the K-pop community. A backstage photo of the girl group IVE, posted on their official Twitter account, has become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Upon closer examination, fans noticed an oddity: the lower half of group member Gaeul’s arm appeared to be unnaturally cut off, fading into a blurry effect. This glaring mistake has left fans puzzled and somewhat “embarrassed” for Starship Entertainment, whose staff presumably overlooked this error.

Netizen Reactions:

  • “What were they even trying to do??”
  • “LOL what’s happened to her arm”
  • “I can’t even believe this is from their official account lol”
  • “They cut off her arm!!”

Quality Control in Question:

The incident has raised questions about the quality control measures at Starship Entertainment. Fans are left wondering how such a blunder could happen in the first place. Comments like “Who was in charge of this?” and “They should have cross-checked” highlight the collective disbelief.

Theories and Speculations:

Speculations are rife about the intent behind the editing. Some suggest that the agency was attempting to make the members’ bodies and faces more proportionate to each other. Others think that perhaps they were trying to edit out some object or were using Night Mode, which led to the mistake.

Whatever the reason, this incident with IVE serves as a reminder for agencies to exercise caution and thoroughness in their editing processes. After all, in the age of social media, even the smallest mistakes can quickly escalate into significant controversies.

It is a well-known fact that K-pop companies often edit their idols’ photos to make them look thinner and whiter … but this glaring mistake by the editors at Starship Entertainment takes the cake.

What are your thoughts on Starship Entertainment’s editing mistake with IVE’s Photo? Do you think it’s a one-off incident, or does it point to larger issues within the agency? And how important is attention to detail in the fast-paced world of K-pop?

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