STRAY KIDS drop Rock Star comeback schedule, track list

STRAY KIDS has released the schedule for their upcoming comeback Rock Star, as well as a track list and online album cover image. Rock Star is STRAY KIDS’ second release this year following their hit album 5-Star in May.

The excitement kicked off on Oct 6, 2023 with the surprise release of a 90-second video prologue for Rock Star. The teaser gave a glimpse into the concept for the upcoming album. Members Felix and Bang Chan are heard in voice over, and the visuals showed the members engaging in a bank robbery and dressed as pirates.

Now, the group has released the schedule for the album, as well as the titles of the eight tracks that will be included on it.

Rock Star track list and schedule

Rock Star will feature two versions of the title track LALALALA, including a rock version. The album will also have the Korean version of Social Path, STRAY KIDS’ recent hit Japanese single featuring singer LiSA. Other tracks on the album are Megaverse, Blind Spot, Comflex, Cover Me and Leave.

The promotion schedule also included STRAY KIDS’ 5-STAR Dome Tour 2023 Seoul Special (UNVEIL 13) concert at the Gocheok Sky Dome. The group is expected to perform at least one track from their upcoming album at the concert, which takes place from Oct 21 to 22.

The schedule also included dates for 8 “video” and four “image” releases, with no further explanation. Fans speculate that most of the video releases will be teasers for the upcoming album, rather than full music videos.

STRAY KIDS also released the online album cover for Rock Star, featuring a drippy, psychedelic design in mostly hot pink.

Fan reactions to the upcoming schedule

Fans have responded warmly to the details of the upcoming album. Among the reactions found online:

  • “Thank you for giving us the timetable!”
  • “I’m LIVING for the vague ‘image’ and ‘video’, I think that’s so funny.”
  • “Very curious what they are doing for the video drops. Obviously two are gonna be teasers. I secretly want an a cappella video.”
  • “One of the videos could also be a skzlog (iirc that’s what they’re called) where they talk about the album and the creation process, we got one right before 5-Star release.”

Rock Star drops on Nov 10, 2023 at 2PM KST. Prior to that, STRAY KIDS will wrap up their successful 5-Star Dome Tour at the Tokyo Dome in Japan from Oct 28 to 29.

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