Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 1 – Recap and Review

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 1 – Birth of the Strong Girl

Embark on an enthralling journey with Strong Girl Nam-Soon, a series that masterfully blends action, comedy, and drama. Episode 1 sets the stage with a compelling narrative that introduces us to a cast of intriguing characters, each with their own unique quirks and mysteries. Let’s delve into the episode’s highlights and what makes it a promising start to the series.

The Mongolian Connection

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 1: Little Nam-Soon wins a strength contest.
Lost in Mongolia, Nam-Soon participates in a test of strength.

The episode commences with captivating visuals of Mongolia’s scenic landscapes, focusing on a wrestling ring where a young girl named Tsegtseg, later revealed to be Nam-Soon, defeats a formidable opponent.

Concurrently, in Seoul, Nam-Soon’s father, Gang Bong-Go (Lee Seung-Joon), regrets taking her to Mongolia, where she went missing. Hwang Geum-Ju (Kim Jung-Eun), Nam-Soon’s affluent mother, orchestrates a strength competition for young girls, hoping to find her lost daughter.

A Family’s Quest

While in Mongolia, a photograph triggers Tsegtseg’s memories of her family in Seoul. Bong-Go shares with a reporter that Nam-Soon’s extraordinary strength is a hereditary trait among the women in their family.

Geum-Ju, a prosperous CEO, skillfully fends off two men who attempt to deceive her, showcasing her own remarkable strength.

Love, Loss, and Discovery

Nam-Soon’s parents Geum-Ju and Bong-Go on a date.

Bong-Go recounts his love story with Geum-Ju, detailing how they met, fell in love, and eventually separated due to the loss of their daughter.

Meanwhile, Tsegtseg learns about her Korean heritage from her adoptive parents and decides to return to Korea, fueled by fragmented memories and a newfound sense of identity.

The Seoul Saga

The mysterious Hwa-Ja cons her way into the life of Geum-Ju

In Seoul, the strength competition unfolds, and Geum-Ju believes she has found Nam-Soon in a girl named Hwa-Ja (Choi Hee-Jin). However, questions arise about Hwa-Ja’s authenticity, leading to familial disputes and revelations about unique genetic traits that make DNA testing unreliable.

Unfolding Mysteries

As the episode progresses, we witness Geum-Ju’s acts of kindness, a police chase involving drug dealers, and the arrival of Nam-Soon in Korea on a flight that nearly ends in disaster.

The episode culminates with Nam-Soon displaying her incredible strength, stopping a runaway plane and leaving onlookers, including a wealthy CEO named Ryu Shi-Oh, in awe.

Episode Review

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 1: A grown up Bong-Soon leaves Mongolia to search for her birth parents in Korea.
Nam-Soon finally makes the trip back to Korea.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon kicks off with a well-paced episode that introduces us to a diverse cast and sets up multiple plot threads. Lee Yoo-Mi as the adult Nam-Soon is like a ray of sunshine whenever she is on screen.

She portrays Nam-Soon in a way that makes her instantly likeable. The episode sets up Nam-Soon’s Mongolian ties and teases future conflicts, paving the way for an engaging series.

Episode 1 offers a compelling start, setting the stage for a series filled with action, comedy, and drama. With a mix of interesting characters and unfolding mysteries, this episode leaves viewers eagerly awaiting what comes next.

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Strong Girl Nam-Soon is now streaming on Netflix.

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