Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 2 – Recap and Review

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 2 – Gangnam, Here I Come

This episode takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, seamlessly blending elements of humour, romance, and suspense. As Nam-Soon explores her newfound freedom in Gangnam, Geum-Ju’s secret mission unfolds, adding layers of complexity to the narrative. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this episode.

A New Chapter for Nam-Soon

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 2 -Nam-Soon stopping a runaway plane.
Nam-Soon stops a runaway plane.

The episode kicks off with Nam-Soon’s awe-inspiring feat of halting a runaway plane. She then navigates through a drug investigation at the airport, where Hee-Sik, the detective from the previous episode, confiscates several of her belongings.

Despite the setbacks, Nam-Soon’s spirits remain high as she rents an apartment in Gangnam, fueled by the financial support from her Mongolian family.

Geum-Ju’s Secret Endeavors

Back at home, Geum-Ju discusses with her secretary, Na-Young, the family’s unique ability to sense the use of their extraordinary powers. Suspicious of Hwa-Ja, Geum-Ju instructs Na-Young to keep a close eye on her.

Meanwhile, Geum-Ju continues her clandestine operations, which she initially started to generate good karma for her missing daughter, Nam-Soon.

Trials and Tribulations

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 2 - Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon make a promise.
Policeman Hee-Sik promises to help Nam-Soon find her mother.

Nam-Soon’s joy is short-lived when she realizes she’s been swindled by a fraudulent real estate agent. Stranded and penniless, she resorts to building a makeshift tent near the Han River.

Meanwhile, Hee-Sik’s investigation into a drug ring takes a turn, leading him to a parking lot showdown.

Unveiling Hidden Agendas

Hwa-Ja’s ulterior motives come to light when she’s caught snooping around Geum-Ju’s secret room. Her plans to rob Geum-Ju are overheard by Na-Young, who has bugged the room.

On the other side, Nam-Soon faces societal prejudice when her tent and those of her new bohemian friends are targeted by protesters. The situation escalates, culminating in a police intervention.

Emotional Highs and Lows

Batwoman … err …Geum-Ju infiltrates the shady Heritage Club.

Nam-Soon’s emotional resilience is tested, but just when she’s on the verge of losing hope, Hee-Sik arrives, returning her confiscated staff and offering her financial help.

Simultaneously, Geum-Ju’s quest to change the world takes her to The Heritage Club, where she receives an enigmatic business card that promises more than meets the eye.

Episode Review

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 2 - The bad guy, Ryu Shi-Oh.
Byeon Woo-Seok plays Ryu Shi-Oh the big bad of the series.

Episode 2 successfully builds upon the foundation laid in the first episode. The pacing is well-balanced, offering a mix of light-hearted moments, romantic undertones, and darker themes. We get to see multiple facets of key characters, particularly Nam-Soon and Geum-Ju, setting the stage for the unfolding drug conflict that promises to be a central plot point.

The episode leaves us with a tantalizing cliffhanger, as Bong-Go, Nam-Soon’s father, seems to recognize her just as she’s about to leave his photo studio. While some plot points may feel conveniently orchestrated, the emotional depth and narrative complexity make it easy to overlook such minor flaws.

It succeeds in deepening our understanding of the characters while setting the stage for future conflicts and revelations. The episode leaves us eagerly anticipating what twists and turns lie ahead in this captivating series.

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Strong Girl Nam-Soon is now streaming on Netflix.

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