K-pop News 101023: ENHYPEN, Kim Chung-Ha, NMIXX and More

Hello K-pop fans! Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News for Oct 10, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories. Read about ENHYPEN breaking a new record in Japan, Kim Chung-Ha potentially joining More Vision, SF9 thrilling fans at their recent fan-con, and NMIXX sparking debate with their latest red carpet looks.

ENHYPEN gets double platinum in Japan

K-pop News ENHYPEN gets double platinum in Japan
HYBE Entertainment

ENHYPEN’s musical prowess has been recognized once again, this time by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Their third Japanese single, You, has been certified double platinum, marking cumulative shipments of over 500,000 copies. Notably, You sold an impressive 273,491 copies on its release day alone.

Their musical journey in Japan has been nothing short of spectacular, with 10 of their albums receiving gold disc certification. ENHYPEN’s ongoing success is further highlighted by their second world tour FATE, where they are set to meet ENGENEs at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale.

Kim Chung-Ha joins More Vision?

Kim Chung-Ha joins More Vision?

The K-pop scene is buzzing with speculations that Kim Chung-Ha might be joining Jay Park’s renowned label, More Vision. This potential collaboration has gained traction after Chung-Ha launched her personal Instagram account. Such moves are often indicative of artists gearing up for new ventures, collaborations, or significant changes in their career direction.

She shared some photos, with the caption: “MORE photos on the way.” The emphasis on the word “more” has caused fans to believe that the singer will soon join More Vision. future Fans and industry insiders alike are eagerly awaiting an official announcement, curious to see the synergy between the talented Kim Chung-Ha and the innovative More Vision label.

SF9’s grand fan-con experience

SF9's grand fan-con experience

SF9 recently treated their fans to a grand fan-con event, which was a memorable experience filled with surprises. The group not only showcased their signature performances but also engaged in deep interactions, sharing behind-the-scenes stories, and unveiling some unreleased content. The event was a testament to SF9’s commitment to their fandom, ensuring that every moment was special. Fans left with cherished memories, praising the SF9’s efforts to make the event unique and personal.

NMIXX’s bold fashion statement

NMIXX's bold fashion statement
Star News

At the recent The Fact Music Awards, NMIXX’s red carpet fashion became a hot topic of discussion. The group’s attire, a mix of structured suits and relaxed street fashion, drew both admiration and skepticism. While many applauded NMIXX’s innovative approach, some found it too avant-garde for the occasion.

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