SM Entertainment Criticized for NCT 127’s Low Album Sales

In a shocking turn of events that has left fans and industry insiders alike bewildered, SM Entertainment is facing mounting criticism over NCT 127’s surprisingly low album sales for their latest release, Fact Check. Known for their record-breaking sales and robust fanbase, NCT 127’s recent performance has raised eyebrows and sparked debates about SM Entertainment’s management, stocking issues, and promotional activities.

The Shocking Numbers

NCT 127 has long been a household name in the K-pop industry, celebrated for their staggering album sales and robust fan following. Their third studio album, Sticker, raked in an impressive 2.4 million sales within a week.

However, their latest fifth studio album, Fact Check, has left fans puzzled and concerned. On its debut day, the album saw a dramatic drop in sales, selling only 256,800 copies.

The Fan Reaction: Confusion and Frustration

A summary from Korean Sales twitter account showing NCT 127's declining album sales for Fact Check

Given NCT 127’s history of sky-high sales, this sudden downturn has left fans both confused and frustrated. Three days after its release, the sales numbers have barely budged, standing at a disappointing 278,775.

The situation has ignited a flurry of speculation and concern, with most of the blame directed at SM Entertainment’s recurring stocking issues.

A Recurring Issue from SM Entertainment

NCT 127 fans expressing concern on social media over stocking issues for NCT 127's Fact Check album.

Despite being one of South Korea’s entertainment behemoths, SM Entertainment has not been a stranger to stocking-related controversies.

Fans are calling on the company to replenish Fact Check albums in stores, arguing that the lack of availability is the main culprit behind the dwindling sales.

The Lack Of Promotional Activities

But the grievances don’t stop at stocking problems. The promotional activities for NCT 127, crucial for the success of any group’s comeback, have also come under the microscope.

Fans were saddened and unhappy that the group wouldn’t be on M COUNTDOWN and Inkigayo during their comeback.

A History of Controversies

This is not the first time SM Entertainment has been embroiled in stocking-related issues. Last year, the company had to issue an official statement about the quick sell-out of one version of RED VELVET‘s album, leaving fans frustrated and disappointed.

As of the time of writing, it’s unclear how SM Entertainment plans to tackle this emerging crisis. While the exact reasons behind Fact Check‘s lacklustre sales are still under investigation … Fans are eagerly awaiting a swift resolution to the issues surrounding NCT 127’s low album sales. Stay tuned for updates.

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