Was RIIZE’s Seunghan caught in a new dating scandal by IG Live?

Seunghan, a member of recently-debuted K-pop group RIIZE, is once again in the spotlight, this time due to a recent Instagram Live session that has fans and netizens buzzing. A screenshot of the Live session was shared earlier today in a fan group for Seunghan. The image showed him chatting with a woman. One user claimed Seunghan “was secretly doing Instagram Lives with his girlfriend” after his debut.

Check out the viral screenshot below, which appears to show Seunghan chatting with a woman (whose face is covered) and a third person.

Was RIIZE's Seunghan caught in a new dating scandal by IG Live?
The viral screenshot, originally found on Nate Penn.

Seunghan and the ‘kissing scandal’

This isn’t the first time Seunghan has been embroiled in a dating controversy. In August, the singer faced significant backlash after photos of him allegedly kissing an unidentified woman surfaced online. The images quickly went viral online, both in Korea and around the world.

The initial scandal drew mixed reactions from fans. While many were quick to defend Seunghan, emphasizing his right to personal privacy, others felt betrayed, believing that idols should remain committed solely to their careers and fans. Some fans even called for Seunghan’s removal from RIIZE.

Several netizens later came forward to apologize for spreading the photos and making baseless accusations about Seunghan. The apologies came after SM Entertainment promised legal action against those who spread the rumors. 

Netizens apologize for spreading Seunghan photos, accusations

Fan reactions to Seunghan’s ‘new scandal’

Unlike the heated response during the first scandal, this time the response from Korean netizens appears to be muted. Fans noted that the Live session only had 4 viewers, and was probably conducted from Seunghan’s private Instagram account. Many speculated that one of the people involved might have screenshotted and leaked the image.

Some fans expressed disappointment with Seunghan, especially after he apologized for his earlier scandal. At the time, he promised fans that he was committed to RIIZE. Others saw the humor in the situation, saying that Seunghan should “be more careful when choosing his friends”. They implied that one of the people who followed him on his private account had seen and screenshotted the conversation.

At the time of writing, the identity of the woman remains unknown. Neither Seunghan nor SM Entertainment has issued a statement regarding the matter. RIIZE is attending the 2023 The Fact Music Awards, which takes place at 6:30PM KST today.

Riize at the 2023 The Fact Music Awards

This latest controversies highlight the challenges faced by K-pop idols, who often find their personal lives under intense scrutiny. As the debate continues, fans should be reminded of the importance of understanding and empathy, especially when it comes to the private lives of public figures.

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