The Fact Music Awards 2023: Full winners list

The Fact Music Awards, a prestigious ceremony recognizing the luminaries of the Hallyu wave, unfolded on October 10, 2023, at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. Hosted by The Fact and organized by Fan N Star, the event was a spectacle of talent and glamour. SEVENTEEN took home the Daesang (Grand Prize), while artists like AESPA, ATEEZ, ITZY, and BTS also received accolades. The ceremony was not just a celebration of music but also a testament to the global influence of K-pop.

A Star-Studded Night with Unforgettable Wins

The Fact Music Awards 2023: ZEROBASEONE
SEVENTEEN won the Daesang (Grand Prize) Award

The event was emceed by GIRLS’ GEBERATION’s Seohyun and Jun Hyun-Moo, featuring a constellation of idols from various groups and agencies. Among the winners were rising stars ZEROBASEONE and RIIZE, who have already made waves in the industry with their hit tracks.

Established groups like NEWJEANS, NMIXX, and AESPA also received Artist of the Year (Bonsang), solidifying their global popularity. The night was particularly rewarding for Lim Young-Woong, the trot singer who bagged multiple awards, including the Fan N Star Best Ads Award.

The Fact Music Awards 2023: NEWJEANS
NEWJEANS won one of the Artist of the Year (Bonsang) Award.

The Controversy: A Change in Presentation Style

While the event was a grand affair, it did not escape criticism. Fans expressed disappointment over the lack of artist-fan interactions, a staple in previous years.

Unlike earlier editions where idols sat among the audience, this year’s winners emerged from backstage to accept their awards. This change meant that the emotional reactions of the artists, usually a highlight of the event, were missing, leaving fans feeling somewhat disconnected.

Fashion Concerns: AESPA’s Karina’s Outfit Raises Eyebrows

Fans were concerned over Karina’s styling.

Amid the glitz and glamour, AESPA’s Karina’s outfit became a subject of concern. While the group dazzled on the red carpet, Karina’s performance attire drew criticism for its impracticality.

Fans and netizens alike worried about the safety of the idol, emphasizing that while aesthetics are important, functionality should not be compromised.

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Full winners list for The Fact Music Awards 2023:

  • Daesang (Grand Prize) – SEVENTEEN
  • Worldwide Icon – AESPA
  • Best Performer – IVE
  • Four Star Award – STRAY KIDS
  • Listeners’ Choice – NEWJEANS
  • Best Music (Spring) – Lee Chan-Won
  • Best Music (Summer) – BTS
  • Best Music (Fall) – BTS‘ V
  • Best Music (Winter) – Lim Young-Woong
  • Idol Plus Popularity Award – BTS‘ Jimin
  • Solo Performer of the Year – Kwon Eun-Bi
  • Band Performer of the Year – JANNABI
  • Fan N Star Most Voted – BTSLim Young-Woong
  • Fan N Star Choice Award (Group) – BTS
  • Fan N Star Choice Award (Solo) – Lim Young-Woong
  • Fan N Star Best Ads Award – Lim Young-Woong1