Jini: From NMIXX to Solo Stardom

Jini, born Choi Yun-Jin, is a name that has rapidly ascended the ranks in the K-Pop industry. Formerly known under the stage name Jinni, she has navigated a whirlwind career—from being part of the K-pop girl group NMIXX to launching an exciting solo venture. Jini’s journey is a compelling tale of talent, transformation, and tenacity. Dive in to know more about this rising star.

Early Life


Born on April 16, 2004, in the coastal city of Busan, South Korea, Choi Yun-Jin was raised in a family alongside a younger brother born in 2011. She attended Haesong Elementary School and later moved to Dongbaek Middle School before finally transferring to Hansan Middle School.

Her love for the performing arts was palpable even in her formative years. A pivotal moment in her life came when she joined a dance academy with a friend during her elementary school days.

The Audition That Set the Stage

While honing her skills at the dance academy, Jini caught the attention of scouts from JYP Entertainment during an open audition. She performed No, No, No by Apink and showcased her jazz dance skills. Impressed by her raw talent, JYP Entertainment signed her in 2016.

Jini showing her dance skills.


Jini with the rest of NMIXX during their debut showcase.

Jini’s early career was marked by her participation in various JYP Trainee Mini Showcases between 2018 and 2019. Her big break arrived on August 6, 2021, when she was unveiled as one of the first three members of the girl group NMIXX, alongside Jiwoo and Kyujin.

Jini with Jiwoo and Kyujin.

The group made their official debut on February 22, 2022, with their first single album AD MARE, followed by a second single album ENTWURF on September 19, 2022.

Her stint with NMIXX, however, was short-lived. On December 9, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced her exit from the group due to undisclosed personal reasons, terminating her contract.

Solo Ventures and Fresh Starts

After her departure from NMIXX, Jini took a brief hiatus before resurfacing on social media. She launched her Instagram account on March 18, 2023, and soon after, on April 14, 2023, she signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, ATOC (Formerly UAP), in collaboration with SUBLIME for her management.

It was at this juncture that she rebranded herself, changing her stage name from Jinni to Jini.

The Solo Debut: A New Chapter

Jini is gearing up for her solo debut with her first EP, An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove, scheduled for release on October 11, 2023. The teasers have already created a buzz, and fans are eagerly awaiting this new chapter in her musical journey.

Discography and Filmography

Jini’s musical portfolio includes her contributions to NMIXX’s albums AD MARE and ENTWURF, as well as digital singles like Kiss and Funky Glitter Christmas. She has also lent her voice to OSTs, such as GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE OST X NMIXX.

Additionally, she appeared in Nichkhun’s music video for Lucky Charm in 2018.

Public Reaction and Fan Sentiments

Jini’s abrupt departure from NMIXX left fans reeling, with a myriad of questions and theories swirling around. But despite the mystery, fans have remained steadfast in their support, eager for her next move as a solo artist.

Moving forward

Former NMIXX member Jini has finally launched her solo journey.

Jini’s journey in the world of K-pop has been nothing short of a roller coaster. From her humble beginnings in a dance academy to her time with NMIXX and her upcoming solo debut, she has showcased her ability to adapt and evolve.

Jini, backed by a new agency and with a solo career looming ahead, is poised to achieve greatness. Truly, the sky is the limit for this young talent.

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