Jini’s Solo Debut Sparks Public Debate and Clarifies Career Path

Jini, known by her real name Choi Yun-Jin and formerly a member of NMIXX, has made her solo debut with her first EP, An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove. Her new journey has not only been a topic of celebration but also a subject of public debate and speculation.

Public Debate Over NMIXX Departure

Jini's Solo Debut with her EP An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove

The air is thick with questions and debates among netizens regarding Jini’s sudden exit from NMIXX. While some argue that JYP Entertainment might have forced her out. Others believe that the artist chose to leave on her own terms.

“I won’t be able to tell you the reason [about the departure] as this involves a personal reason,” Jini clarified during her press showcase.

The debate has reached such a point that it seems almost unavoidable for Jini to address it eventually.

“Rather than speculating, it’s crucial to focus on her new beginnings,” says one netizen, capturing the sentiment of many who choose to support her new venture.

Clarification on Name Changes and Stage Names

For those new to Jini’s career, it’s worth noting that she initially debuted under JYP Entertainment as a member of NMIXX, using the stage name Jinni.

“I’m at the stage where I just made my first step, so I don’t have a big objective in mind,” Jini shared.

After her departure for “personal reasons,” she signed with ATOC, formerly United Artist Productions (UAP), and now goes by her original name, Choi Yun-Jin, professionally known as Jini.

‘C’mon’: A Dynamic Team-Up with U.S. Rapper Aminé

The spotlight track of the EP, ‘C’mon,’ marks an extraordinary partnership with renowned American rapper Aminé. Crafted and fine-tuned by producer MZMC, the song melds Jini’s and Aminé’s unique musical flairs into an unparalleled auditory experience.

Jini’s solo debut demonstrates her adaptability in the music scene, ‘C’mon’ serves as a platform for her to engage with global talents and explore diverse musical styles.

“The title of the EP refers to the two different sides of me,” Jini explained, as conveyed by her current agency, ATOC.

Inside the World of Jini’s ‘C’mon’

The accompanying music video for ‘C’mon’ offers a spellbinding storyline that perfectly aligns with the song’s compelling beat. It portrays Jini in a schoolgirl avatar, interacting with vividly animated figures. This infused a touch of fantasy into the visual narrative.

A pinnacle moment features Jini executing a well-choreographed dance on a basketball court. Featuring her remarkable dance prowess that fans admired during her NMIXX days.

What’s Next: A Glimpse into Jini’s Upcoming Ventures

In addition to ‘C’mon,’ the mini-album is replete with enthralling numbers like … Here We Go Again, Dancing With The Devil, and Bad Reputation. Jini had subtly teased her solo endeavours in a TikTok post last September, sparking fan excitement.

This buzz was further fueled in April when a teaser was released on her agency’s YouTube channel. As Jini embarks on this fresh phase of her musical career, the anticipation among her fanbase continues to escalate.

As Jini takes her first steps as a solo artist, she remains committed to connecting with her fans. “I plan on meeting more with my fans and communicating with them,” she says, focusing on the future rather than the past.

Questions on her departure from NMIXX may not have clear answers, what’s evident is Jini’s determination to move forward.

“I am determined to be diligent as I debut as a solo artist,” Jini affirmed. As she embarks on her solo career, public support and scrutiny will likely accompany her, making her journey a must-watch.

Congratulations to Jini’s solo debut with An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove!

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