Tao Publicly Professes Love for Former SM Trainee Yiyang

In a move that’s set the rumour mill ablaze, Tao, once a member of the iconic K-pop group EXO, has openly declared his love for Yiyang, a former trainee with SM Entertainment. The public declaration, which took place at an elite Gangnam nightclub … Has not only been confirmed by eyewitnesses but also covered extensively by the media.

This heartfelt proclamation transpired at Race, a high-end Gangnam nightclub frequented by celebrities, and has been corroborated by both Chinese witnesses and media coverage.

Tao displayed a banner to express his feelings for Yiyang as the duo was seen at the upscale Gangnam venue.

Although this has led to speculation about the official status of their relationship, no formal confirmation has been issued. Nevertheless, the pair has been the focal point of romantic gossip since as far back as 2020. They were recently observed sharing a Valentine’s Day meal.

Currently leading L.TAO Entertainment, Tao has also signed Yiyang as a talent.

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