Jungkook Surprises Fans with Lavish Gifts at Music Bank

Jungkook of BTS recently took the stage at Music Bank, delivering a heartfelt performance of his song 3D. But the music wasn’t the only gift he had in store for his fans, known as the ARMY. As Calvin Klein’s ambassador, Jungkook went above and beyond to show his gratitude.

Jungkook’s appearance at Music Bank was an exclusive affair, with only a select number of fans gaining access to the pre-recording of his song 3D. To express his appreciation, Jungkook had special door gifts prepared for those who attended.

As an ambassador for Calvin Klein, Jungkook ensured that each fan left with a stylish hat from the brand. With four different designs available, attendees had the chance to receive either a baseball cap or a bucket hat, each valued at about ₩65,000 KRW (approximately $48.20 USD).

But the generosity didn’t stop there. Each fan also received an exclusive photocard with a heartfelt message on the back, reading, “Our ARMY, whom I want to see in 3D.”

To cater to the fans who had waited for hours, Jungkook also arranged a food truck offering prepackaged meals. The cupcakes featured a clever design—a bunny wearing 3D glasses, a nod to Jungkook’s own nickname. The accompanying drink was light purple, symbolizing both BTS and the ARMY.

Jungkook’s thoughtful gestures at Music Bank exemplify the deep bond between BTS and their global fanbase, the ARMY. From exclusive fashion items to personalized messages and even a food truck, Jungkook left no stone unturned in showing his appreciation.

Those lucky enough to be there experienced firsthand the love and attention to detail that make BTS and their ARMY a truly special community.

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