FIFTY FIFTY Reveal Allegations of Severe Neglect by ATTRAKT

In a shocking turn, K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY accuses their label ATTRAKT of severe neglect and mistreatment. The allegations, detailed in personal quotes on Instagram, have sent shockwaves through the industry. This article unpacks these claims, offering an in-depth look at the individual statements and the ensuing fallout.

Instagram Revelations: FIFTY FIFTY’s Public Accusations

On October 13, FIFTY FIFTY members took to Instagram to air their grievances. The group posed the question: “How Much Longer Do We Need To Hurt To Receive Proper Care?”

The post alleges that ATTRAKT has been neglectful of the members’ well-being, forcing them into intolerable conditions.

The members collectively stated:

  • We had to endure despite fainting because we couldn’t give up the blood, sweat, and tears that we poured into performing on stage!
  • We ask that you understand our pain.
  • We want to be protected.

Apology to Fans: Hope for Future Performances

Apologizing to their fans, they added, “We are apologetic and bow our heads to those who have had to watch this unfortunate situation. Still, we remain hopeful that we will be able to perform for fans again.”

Personal Accounts: Members Share Their Health Struggles

Saena: “Because of my harsh diet, I have been losing hair, and without medicine, I am unable to have my period. It took my hormones six months to stabilize.”

Sio: “Despite struggling and needing courage to ride cars, elevators, and even going outside, the label did nothing to help me. I had to rely on myself and medicine.”

Arin: “I had to remove my gall bladder at 19. The gall bladder that was removed looked diseased and much older. It represented me.”

These allegations starkly contrast a previous report by Dispatch, which implicated The Givers’ Ahn Sung Il as the one threatening to quit if Arin continued promoting despite her health.

The personal quotes from FIFTY FIFTY members against ATTRAKT have unveiled a complex web of ethical and moral dilemmas within the entertainment industry.

As the world waits for further developments, the situation raises a critical question: How much longer must artists endure suffering for the sake of their dreams and careers?

What do you think about Fifty Fifty claiming severe and inhumane neglect by Attrakt?

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