TXT Fans Question Beomgyu’s Absence in Happily Ever After

South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together, commonly known as TXT, has been a sensation since their formation by Big Hit Entertainment, now rebranded as Big Hit Music. Comprising five talented members—Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai—the group has captured hearts globally. According to Big Hit Music, the name TXT signifies… “Five individuals who come together under one dream to build a better tomorrow.” However, recent developments have fans questioning on X (formerly Twitter) if all members are truly part of this ‘better tomorrow.’

Fans Raise Concerns Over Beomgyu’s Treatment

TXT Fans Concerned over Beomgyu’s lack of lines in Happily Ever After

The issue came to light when fans noticed a glaring omission in TXT’s latest K-pop album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. Specifically, Beomgyu had no lines in the song Happily Ever After, sparking outrage and concern among the TXT community.

One netizen expressed their disappointment, saying, “Beomgyu having no lines in Happily Ever After just shows how this company doesn’t care the tiniest bit about him or TXT at all. This is so unfair, and Beomgyu deserves better than this treatment.”

Is Beomgyu a Backup Singer?

A fan pointed out the imbalance in the group’s vocal distribution, stating, “Regardless of if he’s even slightly in the background, TXT is a five-member group; Beomgyu is NOT a backup singer. We should be able to clearly hear him, and we don’t.”

Others echoed this sentiment, questioning the label’s intentions and asserting that Beomgyu’s voice could easily have been included in the song.

Silence Speaks Volumes

Fans also found that the issue was not being discussed in the official audio comments section of Happily Ever After. One fan lamented, “I don’t think I can sit there and ignore it when a member is so clearly being terribly treated.”

A History of Neglect?

The discontent doesn’t stop at one song. TXT Fans have been accumulating evidence that suggests Beomgyu has been sidelined for years. “HYBE has never given Beomgyu the treatment he deserves in four years. It is so unfair to him, and now it is getting too much,” said a long-time follower of the group.

A Call for Fair Treatment

As fans, the dream of ‘building a better tomorrow’ includes seeing all members of TXT shine equally. The recent developments have not only raised questions about Big Hit Music’s management but also cast a shadow on the group’s unity.

It’s a crucial time for both the label and the fans, as they navigate these choppy waters. Will Big Hit Music address these concerns, or will the discord continue to grow?

Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: Fans won’t stop fighting for what they believe is fair treatment for all TXT members, especially Beomgyu.

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