TXT’s Chasing That Feeling Hits 17M Views in 24 Hours on YouTube

South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together, commonly known as TXT, has not only released their third studio album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, but also set the internet ablaze. The album’s lead single, Chasing That Feeling, amassed an astounding 17 million views and 530k likes on YouTube within just 24 hours of its release.

A Viral Sensation: Chasing That Feeling

The MV for TXT’s Chasing That Feeling has become an instant viral sensation … Racking up 17 million views on its first day. Set in NYC and takes viewers on a surreal journey as members follow a flaming ball of light.

Musical Milestones and Collaborations:

Following their previous album The Name Chapter: TEMPTATIONThe Name Chapter: FREEFALL showcases TXT’s musical versatility. The album features tracks like Back For More, a collaboration with Latin-pop star Anitta, and Do It Like That, where the boyband teamed up with The Jonas Brothers.

A Fresh Start with a New Wave Sound:

The lead single Chasing That Feeling stands out with its new wave genre and 1980s vibes. It symbolizes TXT’s transition from a past that was “sweet yet stagnant” to a new, promising reality, signalling a fresh start for the group.

Beomgyu’s Take on Fame and Aspirations:

In a recent interview with NME, Beomgyu opened up about TXT’s experiences with fame. Rather than viewing their career as a “free fall,” he emphasized their increasing desire to bring fans “better music.”

TXT’s Sports Connection: Manchester City FC

Adding to their multifaceted achievements, TXT recently collaborated with Manchester City FC on Roblox. TXT met Kevin De Bruyne, who was impressed by their seven-year journey.

With Chasing That Feeling captivating millions, TXT has once again proven their mettle in the K-pop industry, leaving fans excited for their next move.

Watch TXT’s epic Chasing That Feeling MV below:

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