Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 3 – Recap and Review

Episode 3: Three Generations

The third episode of Strong Girl Nam-Soon, aptly titled Three Generations, is a fun watch that seamlessly weaves suspense, humour, and intricate family dynamics into a compelling narrative. If you thought the series had already revealed its most shocking twists, this episode will make you reconsider. Let’s unpack the layers of this exciting episode.

The Cliffhanger That Wasn’t

Nam-Soon and Bong-Go meet.

The episode opens with Nam-Soon and her biological father, Bong-Go, unknowingly crossing paths. While Bong-Go recognizes her instantly, Nam-Soon remains oblivious, leaving the audience in a state of heightened anticipation. Her passport is eventually found, making the photos unnecessary and prolonging the family mystery.

Nam-Soon is not just dealing with family drama; she’s also navigating a complex legal landscape. She faces a lawsuit for her physical altercation at a campsite and plans to counter-sue a scammer who deceived her. Her lack of understanding of the formal Korean language and customs further complicates her legal standing. This leads to unintentional flirtations with Hee-Sik, who is both puzzled and fascinated by her.

The Show’s Unique Appeal

Nam-Soon’s quirky personality is the lifeblood of the episode. She takes up a job on a movie set to repay the man she injured at the Han River. Her keen observations about catering inconsistencies and her audacity to call the director lazy add humour and charm to her character. Credit goes to Lee Yoo-Mi for bringing the innocent and straightforward Nam-Soon to life.

A Treat for the Fans

Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk make a cameo.

In a delightful twist, the episode features a cameo from Bong-Soon, the protagonist of the original series Strong Girl Bong-Soon. The cousins, Nam-Soon and Bong-Soon, don’t interact, but the scene serves as an enjoyable Easter egg for fans of the franchise.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon can be streamed on Netflix.

The Plot Thickens with New Schemes

Hwa-Ja, posing as Geum-Ju’s daughter, has her own agenda. She sends goons to create chaos at the Han River camp, aiming to get rid of Nam-Soon.

Our heroine arrives just in time and uses her powers to thwart the goons. Hee-Sik then offers her a place to stay and takes her home.

Revelations and Cliffhangers

Nam-Soon rescues a pair of children from a burning building.

Hee-Sik starts to piece together the puzzle of Nam-Soon’s parentage, especially after learning that Hwa-Ja orchestrated the camp attack. The episode culminates in a dramatic sequence where Nam-Soon and her mother, Geum-Ju, finally recognize each other amidst a building fire, only to be separated by another explosion.

The episode concludes with a heart-stopping cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next instalment. As Nam-Soon and Geum-Ju lock eyes amidst a raging fire, they are separated by an explosion, leaving their fates hanging in the balance.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 3 continues to deliver a compelling narrative, rich character development, and unexpected twists, making it a must-watch series.

It was a delight to see Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Yeung) and Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik) again after their adventures in Strong Girl Bong-Soon. As fans, we can only hope that the expanded characters of the ‘Strong Girl’ universe join hands in a future series.

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