The Worst of Evil Episode 3-4 Recap and Review

Episode 3: Gi-Cheul and Eui-Jeong

Gi-Cheul and Eui-Jeong during their high-school days.

The episode kicks off with a nostalgic look back at Gi-Cheul and Eui-Jeong’s teenage years. Both attended the same church, where Gi-Cheul developed a crush on Eui-Jeong. She gifts him a cross necklace, marking a sentimental moment between them. However, their lives take a turn when Gi-Cheul’s mother is arrested under mysterious circumstances, forcing him and his sister to relocate.

Return to the Present: Eui-Jeong and Her Mother

Fast-forward to the present day, Eui-Jeong visits her ailing mother, who is undergoing cancer treatment. The two reminisce about Gi-Cheul’s past, particularly the arrest of his mother. Eui-Jeong’s mother also expresses a desire to meet her son-in-law, Seung-Ho.

Gi-Cheul’s Investigation and Seung-Ho’s Deception

Gi-Cheul instructs his informant to dig into the background of “Seung-ho” and Eui-Jeong’s family. Meanwhile, Seung-Ho contacts Eui-Jeong to confess that he misled Gi-Cheul about his father’s health. Concerned for her husband’s safety, Eui-Jeong asks Do-Hyung to ensure Seung-Ho’s well-being.

Gi-Cheul’s informant bribes a police officer for information and photographs of Seung-Ho, revealing him to be a cop. Gi-Cheul confronts Seung-Ho with a photo of Do-Hyung, leading to a series of revelations and suspicions.

Seung-Ho’s Plan and Gi-Cheul’s Approval

Seung-Ho devises a plan to gain Gi-Cheul’s trust. During a patrol, they encounter a van of masked assailants targeting Gi-Cheul. Seung-Ho bravely fends off the attackers, earning Gi-Cheul’s admiration and a promotion to be his personal bodyguard.

The Trap is Set

Jun-Mo’s plan to use a staged attack on Gi-Cheul in order to gain his trust is successful.

Seung-Ho informs Do-Hyung that their scheme to disguise police officers as attackers has succeeded in deceiving Gi-Cheul. They continue to play their roles, with Seung-Ho even receiving a new phone from Gi-Cheul’s gang.

Gi-Cheul and Seung-Ho engage in a candid conversation about Eui-Jeong, with Gi-Cheul expressing his belief that she should have married someone wealthier.

The episode takes a darker turn when Gi-Cheul forces Seung-Ho to execute Manager Cho, culminating in a tense cliffhanger.

Episode 4: The Unbearable Weight of a Trigger

Episode 4 of The Worst of Evil picks up right where the previous episode left off, with Gi-Cheul pressuring Jun-Mo to execute a captive man. Despite multiple attempts, Jun-Mo, under the guise of Seung-Ho, fails to pull the trigger, infuriating Gi-Cheul.

The gang leader’s associates ridicule Jun-Mo, labelling him as useless, while Seo Jong-Ryul steps in to eliminate Manager Cho.

Gi-Cheul consults his informant to dig deeper into Seung-Ho’s background. Although no verifiable records are found, a criminal history related to narcotics surfaces. This prompts Jung-Bae and Hee-Sung to privately express their suspicions to Gi-Cheul that Seung-Ho might be an undercover cop.

Despite Jung-Bae’s scepticism, especially concerning the police flashlight found earlier, Gi-Cheul dismisses the idea, attributing Seung-Ho’s timely rescue to mere coincidence.

Threats and Investigations

Jong-Ryul detains Jun-Mo, leading to a tense confrontation with Jung-Bae, who threatens Jun-Mo’s life and questions his loyalty. Meanwhile, the police discover Manager Cho’s body but opt not to arrest Gi-Cheul’s gang, choosing instead to continue their covert investigation.

Chang-Sik and Do-Hyung recruit Eui-Jeong to their cause, urging her to leverage her past relationship with Gi-Cheul. Struggling with his undercover role, Jun-Mo is shocked to see his wife dining with Gi-Cheul.

Do-Hyung informs him that Eui-Jeong has joined their operation, a revelation that unsettles Jun-Mo given the perilous nature of their mission.

Dangerous Liaisons

The dinner between Gi-Cheul and Eui-Jeong unfolds smoothly as they reminisce about their shared past. Gi-Cheul ponders what could have been if not for his mother’s criminal actions.

Eui-Jeong and Gi-Cheul talk about the past over a private dinner.

After dinner, Jun-Mo chauffeurs them, during which Eui-Jeong informs Gi-Cheul that she’s divorcing her husband, catching Jun-Mo off guard.

Tragedy strikes when Eui-Jeong learns of her mother’s passing. Gi-Cheul, upon hearing the news, accompanies Jun-Mo to the funeral. Jun-Mo is torn between entering the funeral home and maintaining his cover, ultimately choosing the latter after persuasion from Do-Hyung and Chang-Sik.

A flashback reveals a warm relationship between Jun-Mo and his late mother-in-law, contrasting the hostility from Eui-Jeong’s family. Back in the present, Jun-Mo and Gi-Cheul share drinks, during which Gi-Cheul opens up about his troubled past and his intentions towards Eui-Jeong. Jun-Mo, in turn, expresses his desire to accompany Gi-Cheul on his mysterious “fishing trips.”

The Jaegeon Group attacks Gi-Cheul

The episode culminates in a high-stakes chase, leading to a showdown between Gi-Cheul, Jun-Mo, and assailants from the Jaegeon Group. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Jun-Mo aiming a gun at one of the attackers.

An Emotional rollercoaster

This episode really plays with the characters and the viewer’s emotions. Jun-Mo finds himself in increasingly complex and dangerous situations. Eui-Jeong’s decision to join the investigations adds another layer of tension to their already strained relationship.

Gi-Cheul’s pursuit of Eui-Jeong complicates matters further, especially as Jun-Mo grapples with his undercover role. The episode leaves viewers questioning loyalties and eagerly anticipating what comes next.

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