Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 4 – Recap and Review

EPISODE 4: Reunion

Episode 4 of Strong Girl Nam-Soon is a riot of emotions and humour. From heartwarming family moments to corporate intrigue, this episode packs a lot of fun. Let’s dive into the details, but be warned: spoilers ahead.

A Superheroic Reunion

Geum-Ju and Nam-Soon share a heartfelt reunion.
Nam-Soon is finally reunited with her mother, Geum-Ju.

The episode kicks off with a dramatic rescue as Geum-Ju saves her daughter Nam-Soon from a perilous fall, marking their long-awaited reunion. Geum-Ju’s maternal instincts kick in immediately, leading her to financially reward everyone who has been a part of Nam-Soon’s life.

New Faces, Old Connections

A family reunited. Bong-Soon shares a meal with her parents and twin brother Nam-In.

Nam-Soon is reintroduced to Bong-Go and meets her twin brother, Nam-In. Despite some initial awkwardness, the family starts to bond, albeit with a touch of humour and quirkiness.

The Plot Thickens at Doogo

Ryu Shi-Oh, the CEO of Doogo, unveils plans to hire more female delivery drivers, aiming to find Korea’s “strong women.” Both Geum-Ju and Hee-Sik’s team start investigating the company, leading to some hilarious and awkward interactions.

Undercover Antics

Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon in their undercover roles.
Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon infiltrate Doogo.

Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon go undercover as delivery drivers for Doogo. Their odd-couple dynamics provide some of the episode’s best comedic moments, setting the stage for future escapades.

A Twist in the Tale

The episode concludes with Nam-Soon encountering the woman who scammed her upon her arrival in Korea. In a hilarious act of revenge, she throws the scammer’s purse which lands in what seems like Mongolia, tying into the show’s ongoing themes.

Episode 4 of Strong Girl Nam-Soon skillfully blends humour, drama, and a dash of corporate intrigue. As Nam-Soon navigates her newfound relationships and uncovers corporate secrets, we’re sadly left waiting another week for what the next episode has in store.

Stay tuned for our recap and review of Episode 5 which is scheduled to air on Netflix on October 21, 2023.

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