A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 1 – Recap and Review

Episode 1

The premiere episode of the highly anticipated K-drama A Good Day To Be A Dog was worth the wait. We meet Han Hae-Na (Park Gyu-Young), a woman grappling with a family curse that turns her into a dog when kissed.

The Family Curse

From a tender age, Han Hae-Na is made aware of a peculiar family curse. She learns that a kiss can trigger a transformation into a dog, a secret that casts a shadow over her love life.

As an adult, Hae-Na’s romantic life is fraught with challenges. She avoids physical intimacy, even going to the extent of running away from her boyfriend on their 100th-day anniversary, three years before the present timeline.

Life as a High School Teacher

Hae-Na finds herself in the role of a teacher at Garam High School. She shares her workspace with two captivating male colleagues: the history teacher Mr. Lee Bo-Gyeum (Lee Hyun-Woo) and the math teacher Mr. Jin Seo-Won (Cha Eun-Woo).

The Guardian of Classroom Morality

Due to the intimacy limitations brought on by her curse, Hae-Na is also infamously known around school as “BUKC” (Breaking Up Kissing Couples).

She gained notoriety for her vigilant efforts to prevent students from engaging in public displays of affection.

A Web of Romantic Intrigue

Hae-Na harbours feelings for Bo-Gyeum but is puzzled by Seo-Won’s aloofness. A seemingly trivial incident during lunch adds another layer to the mystery surrounding Seo-Won.

An outing with colleagues turns into a night of discoveries. Hae-Na learns about Bo-Gyeum’s affinity for dogs and Seo-Won’s inexplicable aversion to them, further complicating her feelings.

The Kiss That Changed Everything

A text message revealing her ex-boyfriend’s marriage sends Hae-Na into an emotional tailspin. In a moment of impaired judgment, she ends up kissing Seo-Won, mistaking him for Bo-Gyeum.

The Curse Comes to Life

Realizing the gravity of her actions, Hae-Na rushes home. She transforms into a dog and is reminded of her sister’s cautionary tale about breaking the curse within 100 days or face permanent transformation.

Confronting the Aftermath

The following day is a maze of awkward interactions and internal turmoil for Hae-Na. She must navigate her relationships, particularly with Seo-Won, while contemplating how to lift her curse.

The first episode of A Good Day to Be a Dog introduces a captivating story of romance, mystery, and self-discovery. Hae-Na’s unique curse leaves viewers hanging, eager to see how she will tackle her complex relationships and break the spell.

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