A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 2 – Recap and Review


The second episode of the K-drama A Good Day To Be A Dog takes us on a journey through time, revealing hidden facets of the characters we’ve come to know.

From the Joseon era to the present day, the episode is full of emotions, surprises, and revelations.

A Glimpse into the Past

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 2

The episode opens with a flashback to the Joseon era, where Seo-Won was entangled in a romantic relationship with Hae-Na, a maid.

This historical context adds an interesting angle to their present-day dynamics.

The Dog, The Rat, and Bo-Gyeum

Back in the present, Seo-Won is seen frantically trying to escape from a dog, who is none other than Hae-Na in her transformed state. Bo-Gyeum arrives just in time.

To hide his fear of dogs, Seo-Won humorously said he mistook the Hae-Na’s dog form for a giant rat.

The Morning After

Hae-Na wakes up back in her human form, thanks to her sister Yu-Na and Woo-Taek, who find her clothes and rescue her.

Meanwhile, Bo-Gyeum drops Seo-Won home, leaving the latter to ponder over his irrational fear of dogs.

At Garam High School, Seo-Won stands up for Hae-Na when Miss Han tries to tarnish her reputation.

This act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed, and Hae-Na feels compelled to make amends for her previous actions.

The Platonic Date

Seo-Won and Bo-Gyeum decide to go on a friendly outing, which turns into an awkward quadruple date at an escape room, featuring Miss Han and Hae-Na. The tension is palpable, but Seo-Won’s quick thinking saves the day.

Unveiling Fears and Formulating Plans

Hae-Na, Yu-Na, and Woo-Taek discuss the possible reasons behind Seo-Won’s phobia. Hae-Na decides to keep her distance from dogs to win Seo-Won’s favour and even contemplates a daring plan to break her curse.

A Harrowing Encounter

Hae-Na’s day takes a dark turn when she confronts some misbehaving students smoking in front of her school. Seo-Won arrives just in time to rescue her, further deepening her admiration for him.

Sweet Gestures and Heartfelt Conversations

To lift Hae-Na’s spirits, Seo-Won surprises her with her favourite Tiramisu. Later, they share a meaningful conversation in the school park, where Seo-Won agrees to help Hae-Na win Bo-Gyeum’s heart.

Showdown at the Police Station

In an unexpected turn of events, Yool, a student at Garam High School, crosses paths with the three boys caught smoking earlier in the day at a convenience store.

A scuffle ensues, and Hae-Na is summoned to the police station as Yool’s emergency contact.

Jolted awake, Hae-Na dashes to the station in the middle of the night. Yool sets the record straight: he didn’t attack the boy; rather, the kid tripped over his own feet.

Hae-Na stands up for Yool and confronts the other boy’s mother for allowing her teen son to smoke.

Raising the stakes, Hae-Na threatens to file a report against the boy for making a sexual assault threat against her earlier. Fearing for her son’s future, the mother backs down.

With the crisis averted, Hae-Na offers to drive Yool home. She’s puzzled to discover he hasn’t informed his parents and learns he’s living with an uncle who’s currently away.

Miss Han Turned into a Dog?

As they approach his home, Hae-Na checks the time and realizes it’s nearly midnight—the moment she’ll morph into a dog.

She attempts to flee, but Yool is hot on her heels. Amidst her escape, Hae-Na’s phone takes an unfortunate dive into a sewer.

Yool retrieves the phone, but Hae-Na urges him to head home. She dashes off to a deserted alley, only for Yool to reappear, phone in hand, just in time to witness her startling transformation into a dog.

He faints, later waking up to bring both Hae-Na and her clothes back to his place. He offers her water and a spot on his bed.

Concerned about the awkwardness of waking up in the buff, Hae-Na tries to pull an all-nighter until she reverts to her human form at 6 a.m. Despite her best efforts, sleep claims her.

The Shocking Cliffhanger

The next morning, Hae-Na scrambles to get dressed. The episode reaches its climax when Yool’s uncle walks in on her. And in a jaw-dropping twist, it turns out Yool’s uncle is none other than Seo-Won!

Episode two of A Good Day To Be A Dog does a good job of fleshing out the characters and their motivations. We get a glimpse of how the Han family became cursed and the cause of Seo-Won’s fear of canines.

All in all … the cliffhanger is sure to make viewers tune in for Episode 3 streaming on VIU on October 18!

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