Heartsteel: Riot Games’ newest virtual band takes center stage

Riot Games has recently taken another step forward by introducing its latest virtual band, Heartsteel. This innovative ensemble reimagines avatars of popular League of Legends champions. Heartsteel’s unique sound is a fusion of various musical genres, creating a distinct identity that stands out. Their debut single, PARANOIA, will showcase the band’s dynamic lyricism and energy.

The track drops on October 23, 2023 at 8AM PT (October 24, 12AM KST), with fans eagerly awaiting its premiere on major streaming platforms and its accompanying music video on YouTube.

Who is Heartsteel?

Notably, the lineup features Ezreal, who takes the spotlight as the lead vocalist. Both K’Sante and Sett shine as co-leaders and vocalists. Additionally, Kayn steps in as the rapper and instrumentalist, while Aphelios takes charge of instrumental and songwriting duties. And rounding up the lineup, Yone serves as the producer for Heartsteel.

The band’s members have distinct backgrounds and stories:

  • Sett, the founder and co-leader, started Heartsteel after a setback with his first label. He’s inspired by hip-hop and even designed the outfits for the PARANOIA music video.
  • K’Sante, the co-leader, shapes the band’s vision with his R&B and hip-hop-inspired lyricism.
  • Ezreal transitioned from bubblegum-pop to Heartsteel, finding creative freedom.
  • Kayn, the wildcard of the group, channels his rebellious nature and experiments with new sounds.
  • Aphelios, the primary instrumentalist and lyricist, is the quiet genius behind the band’s compositions.
  • Yone, once a producer of international pop hits, brings sharp production skills to Heartsteel.

K-pop connection with EXO’s Baekhyun

Heartsteel is Baekhyun, Tobi Lou, Cal Sruby and Ozi

The main vocalist, Ezreal, comes to life through the voice of EXO’s Baekhyun, who is also the leader of K-pop supergroup SuperM. Meanwhile, talented hip-hop and R&B artist Tobi Lou voices K’Sante. Sett is the group’s rapper and voiced by R&B and Mandopop musician, ØZI. Kayn, known for his Legendary skin and new in-game voice-over, is represented by LA-based rapper Cal Scruby.

Maria Egan, Global Head of Music & Events at Riot Games Entertainment, expressed her excitement about Heartsteel, emphasizing the company’s commitment to musical innovation. She highlighted how Riot’s virtual artists consistently redefine musical landscapes, with Heartsteel being a much-anticipated concept by the community. The band symbolizes unity in diversity, reflecting the spirit that resonates with the player community.

For more details on Heartsteel and their upcoming releases, fans can visit the official Riot Games website.

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