K-pop News 181023: Kwon Eun-Bi, QWER, IVE and D.O.

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Kwon Eun-Bi Set to Release New Digital Single Like Heaven

K-Pop News 181023: Kwon Eun-Bi

Woollim Entertainment has officially announced that singer Kwon Eun-Bi is gearing up for her comeback with a digital single titled Like Heaven.

The song’s music video, which was recently filmed in Japan, aims to showcase Eunbi’s journey through the country bathed in autumnal sunlight.

The lyrics are designed to offer solace to those striving to achieve their dreams. Fans can look forward to the single’s release on October 24 at 6 PM KST.

EXO’s D.O. Confirmed to Part Ways with SM Entertainment

In a surprising turn of events, EXO’s D.O. is reportedly leaving SM Entertainment to join a new agency founded by a long-time management director.

This director has been with D.O. since his debut and is a familiar figure among EXO fans. D.O. often consults with this manager regarding his career decisions.

SM Entertainment confirmed that their exclusive contract with D.O., whose real name is Do Kyung Soo, will end in early November.

While he will continue his activities with EXO under SM, the new company will manage his solo and acting endeavours.

QWER Debuts with Title Track Discord

A new girl band named QWER has made its debut with the title track Discord. The group comprises four members from diverse backgrounds: Korean content creators Chodan and Magenta, TikTok star Hina, and former NMB48 Japanese idol Siyeon.

United under the slogan “Our harmony emerges from dissonance,” the group aims to create captivating harmonies.

Their debut track Discord features an energetic musical arrangement and catchy lyrics that reflect the group’s unique charm.

IVE Shares Behind-the-Scenes Reactions to Baddie MV

Girl group IVE has released a reaction video to their own music video for the song Baddie. The track is part of their first mini-album I’ve Mine, which also includes songs Either Way and Off the Record.

In the reaction video, the members provide insightful commentary and share behind-the-scenes details from the filming process. The song Baddie delves into themes of narcissism and self-identity.

That wraps up our K-pop news digest for today! Whether you’re a fan of veteran groups or eager to discover the next big thing, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Kwon Eunbi’s upcoming single and keep an eye out for more updates. Until next time, keep the K-pop love alive!

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