Bae Suzy was the ‘only choice’ for the role of Doona!

Bae Suzy was the unanimous choice to portray the character of former K-pop idol Doona in the much-anticipated Netflix series. This sentiment was echoed by both director Lee Jung-Hyo and co-star Yang Se-Jong during a recent press conference in Seoul for the promotion of Doona!

During the event, Bae Suzy delved into her character’s psyche, stating: “She is very sensitive, very alert.” Suzy added: “She has her guard up, and it’s hard to tell what she’s thinking. But once you get to know her, she loves people, and she has a thirst for love. And I think she’s someone you just want to reach out and hug.”

She added: “[I felt] people would misunderstand her in the beginning. She doesn’t really think about what others think, so she might come off as offensive to some people.”

Drawing parallels between herself and Doona, Suzy shared: “I thought that I also have that ‘cold-heartedness’ in me, but people don’t know those sides of me. So I also wanted to show that side [to] the viewers and my fans.

“So if you watch the show, I’m sure that you’ll think that I’m perfectly in sync with the character!”

Praise from co-star and director

Director Lee Jun-Hyo, Bae Suzy and Yang Se-Jong at Doona! press conference
Director Lee Jun-Hyo, Bae Suzy and Yang Se-Jong at the ‘Doona!’ press conference. – Netflix

Her co-star Yang Se-Jong also lavished praise on Suzy for her dedication to the role, as it helped him in his portrayal of college student Lee Won-Jun. “She really helped me focus, and immerse into my character because she was doing so well at becoming Doona,” he said. “And as we were working together, we didn’t even have to say things, because we would know what the other is thinking by glancing at each other. I think we had really nice chemistry on set.”

Director Lee Jung-Hyo also had high praise for Suzy, emphasizing that she was his first choice for the role of Doona. He said: “There are so many things that Suzy had to do. She had to sing, she had to dance and perform, and she had to act; there were so many different roles that she had to take on. I thought that she would be tired, but she never showed that tiredness to us. That’s what I really loved about her.

“When we were talking about the [casting] for Doona, the only person that came to my mind was Suzy. I knew that she would pull off the character so well, and I think she really did well on set. I was very, very satisfied.”

See how well Bae Suzy did when the series Doona! premieres on Netflix on October 20. Given the immense buzz and anticipation, it’s gearing up to redefine romance in the K-drama universe and is poised to be one of the year’s monumental hits.

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