NEWJEANS Leads 2023 MAMA Daesang Awards Predictions

The 2023 MAMA Awards are just around the corner, and the prediction game is already heating up. A K-awards prediction account has released its forecasts, stirring up conversations among fans and netizens alike.

The Race for Artist of the Year

NEWJEANS Shines in KBS News Appearance
NEWJEANS 2023 MAMA Awards Predictions

Based on a mix of digital scores, album sales, global scores, and judge scores, either SEVENTEEN or NEWJEANS is expected to win the coveted Artist of the Year award. STRAY KIDS, IVE, and BTS’ Jimin are also in the running.

Album of the Year Contenders

SEVENTEEN’s FML album is leading in sales, followed closely by STRAY KIDS’ 5-Star. Other contenders include NEWJEANS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, AESPA, and NCT DREAM.

Song of the Year Showdown

NEWJEANS’ hit Ditto is the predicted winner for Song of the Year, based on digital and global scores as well as judge evaluations. IVE’s I AM and other songs are trailing behind.

Fan Reactions

The predictions have sparked various reactions online, with some fans suggesting that NEWJEANS could be the biggest winner this year, while others are rooting for SEVENTEEN.

As the 2023 MAMA Awards approach, the predictions have set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable night. Koreaboo has compiled an amazing full list of all the nominees.

Whether you’re a fan of SEVENTEEN, NEWJEANS, or any of the other nominees, one thing is certain: the competition for this year’s MAMA awards is fierce, and the excitement is palpable.

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