TXT Joins Forces with Crayon Shin-chan for a Special Episode

K-pop’s TXT is set for collaboration in a special episode of Japan’s iconic anime, Crayon Shin-chan. BIGHIT MUSIC announced on October 21 that animated versions of all five TXT members will feature in an episode titled … TXT Is Here.

The episode, scheduled to air on Japan’s TV Asahi on October 28, will showcase the band teaching their fan-favourite dance moves for their song Happy Fools to the anime’s titular character, Shin-chan.

A Multilingual Feat: TXT Records Dialogue in Japanese and Korean

Notably, TXT took the extra step of recording their dialogue in both Japanese and Korean. Korea will release the Korean-dubbed version of the episode at a later date.

This will allow fans from both countries to enjoy the special episode in their native languages.

Beyond the Screen: Merchandise and Comics

The collaboration extends beyond the TV screen, as Crayon Shin-chan will also feature TXT in its comic series.

Special merchandise featuring cartoon versions of the TXT members will add another layer to this unique partnership.

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