Doona! Episode 4 Recap & Review – Unexpected turns & first kiss

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Doona!

Won-Jun and Doona settle back into their routine lives. Won-Jun gets a part-time job at an amusement park, and when Doona isn’t moping around at home, she pesters him at his workplace. The two are now on good terms, and Doona shares more details about her former life as an idol. Won-Jun also talks about his mother and sister back in his hometown.

During one of their dinners together, they open a pair of fortune cookies. Doona’s fortune tells her to “move on her from her past relationship” to “change her fate”, while Won-Jun’s warns him that he will soon face “his worst enemy”.

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The next day at college, he tells Jin-Ju about the fortune, and she offers to throw it away for him. However, when she opens it, it turns out to be Doona’s fortune instead.

Choi I-Ra on the scene

We are also introduced to new character Choi I-Ra (Park Se-Wan), through a dramatic scene where she breaks up with her cheating Brazilian boyfriend in front of everyone on campus. She returns to her room at the Minsong college dorm and begins crying. To cheer her up, her roommates invite her to a group date.

Won-Jun learns that secret photos of him and ‘K-pop idol Doona’ having dinner together have gone viral. This causes a mini-scandal, with many people criticizing Doona online. While Won-Jun is worried, Doona appears unphased, telling him that she is used to being talked about. He is frustrated by her casual attitude, but reassures her that if she needs to address the issue with the media, he will be by her side.

We then get a glimpse of Jin-Ju’s home life, where she and the rest of her family are under the control of her father. She ponders the fortune that Won-Jun gave her, and looks bothered by the paparazzi photos of Won-Jun and Doona.

A change in the air

The next day, Doona invites Won-Jun out for lunch, as they no longer need to be secretive. However, he gets a phone call from Yun-Teak begging for help. Won-Jun heads to his location, only to discover he has been tricked into joining a group date. To his horror, it turns out one of the girls is I-Ra.

Doona! Episode 4 Recap & Review - Unexpected turns & first kiss - Park Se-Wan

We learn that Won-Jun has known I-Ra ever since they were children. Back then, she bullied him, telling him that they were fated to marry once they grew up. Won-Jun realizes that she is the “worst enemy” mentioned in the fortune.

She aggressively flirts with him all night, but later bursts into tears, telling him about her recent breakup. He manages to get her back to her student dorm, where she sleeps it off.

Comfort, and an unexpected kiss

Back at the student house, Doona is outside waiting for Won-Jun, as her room lights suddenly went out. Won-Jun returns, and notices a burn on her hand from her cigarette. He takes her back inside to treat it. As he places an ice-pack on her hand, she tells Won-Jun that it only began to hurt once he noticed it. He replies that “there are times you don’t even realize you’ve been hurt”.

Doona! Episode 4 Recap & Review - Unexpected turns & first kiss - Yang Se-Jong and Bae Suzy

She then asks him: “Is that the reason I feel this way?” Before Won-Jun can answer, she pushes him up against the kitchen counter, and they share a passionate first kiss.

In a flashback, we see that it was Doona who placed her fortune in his pocket.

What we thought of Doona! Episode 4

We were surprised so many times during this episode, which is aptly titled The Unexpected. We finally get to see Doona open up to Won-Jun, and the two of them genuinely enjoying each other’s company. This is also the first time we can see that Doona actually cares for Won-Jun, showing her concern that he was out on a group date.

The scene just before the kiss showcased the best acting in the series so far, in our opinion. Both Bae Suzy and Yang Se-Jong were able to portray the subtle build-up in emotions leading up to the kiss, and we couldn’t help but cheer once it happened.

We were also intrigued by Choi I-Ra, played enthusiastically by Park Se-Wan. The character added some welcome moments of comedy to the episode, especially in her scenes with Won-Jun. And with Jin-Ju still nursing feelings for Won-Jun, we’re looking forward to seeing whether this situation will turn into a love quadrangle.

We can’t wait to find out what happens in Episode 5 of Doona!.

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