Doona! Episode 5 Recap & Review – Love, tension, and passion

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Doona!

The episode begins where we last left off, with Doona and Won-Jun kissing. When it ends, Won-Jun silently walks out, but stops by the circuit breakers to turn Doona’s lights back on. He returns to his room and has a restless night, thinking about the kiss.

The next day, he returns from college to find Doona relaxing in his room. He asks her why she kissed him, and she replies that she just felt like it. He tells her that he “doesn’t kiss friends”, and says that it could lead to a misunderstanding. Doona tells him that he’s not fun at all, before leaving the room.

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New housemates move in

Won-Jun notices a flyer outside the house advertising a vacancy for a female tenant. Coincidentally, he meets with I-Ra, who tells him that she is looking for a place to stay after being kicked out of her student dorm.

Elsewhere, Jin-Ju breaks up with Se-Hun. She is surprised which he correctly guesses that she has feelings for Won-Jun. We also learn that she has moved out of her family home, despite the huge opposition from her father, who sends her numerous abusive text messages.

Eventually both I-Ra and Jin-Ju move into the student house to share the lower floor with Doona, in a loud and lively scene. Won-Jun is stunned by the new developments. I-Ra later asks him what kind of person Doona is, and Won-Jun says he has no idea what goes on inside her head.

Tensions flare between Doona and Jin-Ju

Doona feels a little left out, as Jin-Ju and I-Ra reminisce about their childhoods. She goes outdoors to smoke, and Jin-Ju follows her. Doona asks Jin-Ju why left home, and Jin-Ju explains that “all the things that could go wrong, did”, leading to a final breaking point that made her realize she needed to change.

Jin-Ju also tells Doona that she has indirectly informed Won-Jun about her feelings for him, and is waiting for his answer. Doona considers this, and tells Jin-Ju that she can’t root for them to be together as she is also “involved”. Jin-Ju tells Doona that she has a stronger connection with Won-Jun, and that she believes he will choose her.

The next day, Doona stays home while everyone else heads to college. She later visits a nightclub to drink and dance, hoping to chase away her loneliness. She runs into another former idol, and he offers to drive her home.

Another heartbreak – and another kiss

Doona! Episode 5 Recap & Review – Love, tension, and passion - Yang Se-Jong and Shin Ha-Young

The other housemates have a drinking party, and Won-Jun and Jin-Ju go for a walk afterwards. She reveals her family situation to him, and tries to rekindle their relationship. However, Won-Jun apologizes, saying that things are different now. He then stays up to wait for Doona to return.

She finally arrives home, and rejects her companion when he goes in for a kiss. The man reacts angrily, and begins to insult Doona. Before things can escalate, Won-Jun comes out to protect her. The other man tells him that Doona will pounce on anyone in order to get the attention of her manager.

Won-Jun hits the basketball court to work out his anger, and Doona joins him, wearing the pink toe socks he bought for her. She tries to talk to him, but he storms off. They eventually have a confrontation under the covered pathway.

Doona tells him that the only reason she went out was to test if her feelings for Won-Jun were real. She asks: “If I say I have completely fallen in love with you, then what will you do?” When he stays silent, she begins to walk away, but he pulls her back and kisses her passionately.

What we thought of Doona! Episode 5

This episode sees Doona and Won-Jun come to terms with the kiss they shared in different ways. Both are still wary around each other, refusing to be the first to admit their own feelings. However, they manage to be honest at the last minute and confess their mutual attraction.

The final scene really shows off the chemistry between Yang Se-Jong and Bae Suzy. Both stars are able to say so much, even with just their facial expressions, and the entire scene had us holding our breaths until they finally kiss.

We also saw some really great acting between Bae Suzy and Shin Ha-Young in the scene between Doona and Jin-Ju. In most romance dramas, a fight over a boy would be very emotional, but instead the scene is played coldly and logically, with excellent performances from both actresses.

While the predicted love quadrangle between Won-Jun, Doona, Jin-Ju and I-Ra didn’t materialize, it will be interesting to see what will happen now that Won-Jun and Doona have admitted their feelings.

We can’t wait to see what happens next in Episode 6 of Doona!.

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