Doona! Episode 6 Recap & Review – Revelations from the past

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Doona!

The episode begins with more passionate kisses between Won-Jun and Doona. Won-Jun eventually visits his DREAM SWEET hyper-fan friend Su-Jin to ask about Doona’s life as an idol. We learn that Doona’s reputation was damaged when her mother was accused of defrauding numerous people, and that she was raised by her grandmother. Her former group DREAM SWEET are also planning a comeback without her.

Later, Won-Jun calls Doona and tells her that loves her and “wants to know all about her”. She asks him to come back immediately, and he returns to find her asleep in his bed. They fall asleep together, surprising the other housemates the next morning when they both emerge from his room. Yun-Teak asks if they are dating and Won-Jun only says that he really likes Doona.

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Yun-Teak and I-Ra later speculate about how long the two of them had been together, and whether it was a serious relationship or not. Jeong-Hun only notes that it is a violation of the house rules. The three of them also develop their own little love triangle, with Yun-Teak falling for I-Ra, and I-Ra chasing after an indifferent Jeong-Hun.

Coming to terms with the past

At the house, Doona is visited by her mother. Her mother tells her that the other DREAM SWEET girls are preparing to return, and asks Doona if she has received her full payment from the company. Doona reminds her mother that she gave everything she had to her, and that she lost it all. However, she later heads out to watch DREAM SWEET’s comeback showcase. She spots her former manager, “P”, but is unable to approach him.

Jin-Ju invites Won-Jun to watch fireworks with her on the college rooftop. He tries to turn her down, but she says she has something to tell him.

There, the two of them have an emotional heart-to-heart conversation. Jin-Ju finally confesses her feelings for Won-Jun properly, telling him she did not want to have any regrets. Won-Jun apologizes for not feeling the same way, and she tells him that she hopes Doona will not break his heart, adding that she will not take him back even if he begs. He tells her he is glad that she is standing up for herself more. It is a beautiful scene that is as uplifting as it is heartbreaking. Jin-Ju later moves out of the student house.

Won-Jun waits for Doona to come home, and is met by I-Ra. She asks him about Doona, and is shocked to learn that Won-Jun has no idea if they are officially dating. She tells him not to give away more than he is getting back, and encourages him to confirm things with Doona.

A spontaneous holiday

Doona! Episode 6 Recap & Review - Revelations from the past - Yang Se-Jong and Bae Suzy

Won-Jun then gets a call from Doona from the bus station. She asks him to take a vacation with her, and he agrees. They travel to Doona’s late grandmother’s house in the countryside. After exploring the area for the day, they spend an intimate night together and watch the sun rise.

The next day, while taking a walk, Won-Jun mentions that he wishes they could stay here, adding that he wants to move here with Doona someday. Doona then asks him if they should start dating for real, and go public. He tells her that he is looking forward to it.

However, the happy moment is interrupted when Doona catches sight of a familiar vehicle. Her manager “P” then reveals himself, causing Doona to let go of Won-Jun’s hand. The episode ends with several scenes showing how a pre-teen Doona called the idol talent agency, and how she was trained and looked after by “P”, whose name is revealed to be Park in-Wook.

What we thought of Doona! Episode 6

This episode saw a lot of emotional drama, mainly from Jin-Ju and Won-Jun. The two childhood friends finally laid out their feelings, in a sad  ‘breakup’ scene. The resolution is one of the most mature we have ever seen in a romance drama, with both of them wishing the other well.

Both Yang Se-Jong and Shin Ha-Young brought tears to our eyes with their performances, and the scene is easily one of the standout moments of the entire series.

We also finally got our first proper look at the mysterious P, as he finally makes his return to Doona’s life. What will this mean for her relationship with Won-Jun, which is just only getting started?

We can’t wait to find out what happens in Episode 7 of Doona!.

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