Doona! Episode 7 Recap & Review – An obstacle to love

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Doona!

Doona moves towards her manager Mr. Park (Lee Jin-Wook), despite Won-Jun’s pleas for her to stay with him. She enters her manager’s vehicle and they drive back to Seoul, leaving a shocked and heartbroken Won-Jun behind.

Mar. Park tells her that it is time to fix her career, before the public forgets about her. Doona is upset, and yells at him for abandoning her in the student house. She eventually escapes the car. Mr. Park chases after her and the two have an emotional argument. Doona accuses him of taking advantage of her feelings, but he says that if she really cared for him, she would not have quit the group. She eventually allows him to check her into the hospital to treat her injured leg.

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Hours later, Won-Jun is still at Doona’s childhood home. He tries to call her but she refuses to pick up. He then gets a phone call from his mother telling him that his sister is at the hospital, and goes to check in on her.

Doona and Won-Jun break free

Doona tells Mr. Park that she is leaving him for good. She returns to her childhood home, but finds that Won-Jun is no longer there. She then has a flashback to her youth, when she first met her manager Mr. Park. At the time, he offered her stability and a sense of family.

Won-Jun returns to the student house, and sees Doona sitting there alone. He tries to avoid her, but she continues to speak to him as though nothing has happened. He lashes out at her for abandoning him for her manager. Won-Jun demands to know where they stand, and whether Doona is just playing, or is serious about them. He tells her that he can “no longer handle” their current relationship. A heartbroken Won-Jun decides to move out of the house.

We see a flashback of Doona’s past, with her telling her manager that she can no longer sing or be an idol. At the time, Mr. Park told her to take a break, and that DREAM SWEET will proceed without her.

Ending up as friends

Doona arranges to meet with a former DREAM SWEET groupmate who used to antagonize her. Doona tells her of her plans to formally quit the industry. Her groupmate asks if Doona enjoyed watching them crash and burn following her breakdown, but Doona says that the group should have had more success. Her groupmate tells her that she understands what Doona went through, and admits that if Doona hadn’t broken down then, she herself would have eventually.

She also tells Doona that she didn’t really hate her back then. Instead, she was just jealous of Doona’s natural talent. Doona nods understandingly, and the two of them seem to have resolved their issues.

Elsewhere, Won-Jun runs into Jin-Ju. She asks if he and Doona are happy now, but he is unable to answer. Jin-Ju tells him that she thinks that Doona is bringing out a new side of him, and that he is happier around her. They then receive a message from I-Ra inviting them to a house party. He asks if Jin-Ju wants to attend, but she tells him that they should keep their distance for now, but that she looks forward to them being friends again someday.

Doona and Won-Jun reconcile

Doona! Episode 7 Recap & Review - An obstacle to love - Yang Se-Jong

Later, Won-Jun reflects upon his last interaction with Doona. He begins to regret the harsh words he said to her. At that moment, Doona walks into his room to ask if it is true that he is moving out. She asks what he would do if she begged him to stay, and embraces him.

Won-Jun accuses her of only coming back to him after being rejected by her manager, and Doona tells him she has to be around him. She admits that she never realized that “the person that she didn’t want to lose” was actually Won-Jun. She asks him to forgive her, and Won-Jun berates her for turning his life upside down, but admits that he wants to be the only one she wants.

He asks her to apologize for hurting him, and to tell him that she is finally over Mr. Park. An emotional Doona finally admits that she loves Won-Jun, and the two kiss and make up.

We then get a flashback of Doona talking with her former groupmate. She tells her groupmate that she is able to remember the melody of a song that she once wrote, and says it could be because she is happier now.

This episode saw Won-Jun and Doona encounter the first real conflict of their relationship, and overcome it. We couldn’t help but cheer when they finally admitted their feelings at the end, and reconciled.  

What we thought of Doona! Episode 7

This episode also saw Doona face her demons head-on. Just as the fortune cooking in Episode 4 advised, she chooses to break her toxic relationship with Mr. Park, and walks away from her career. However, seeing as how determined Mr. Park was at getting her to return to the agency, we’re not sure if this is the last we will hear from him.

We also saw another potential romance develop between I-Ra and Jeong-Hun. It will be interesting to see how things turn out between them, especially since Yun-Teak is also interested in I-Ra.

We can’t wait to find out what happens in Episode 8 of Doona!.

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