Skyrocketing Prices of RIIZE’s Photocards Spark Online Debate

K-pop fans are baffled as the prices for rookie boy group RIIZE photocards hit astonishingly high prices.

A specific photocard of member Wonbin, for instance, is currently listed for $230 USD … Sparking a debate about the rising costs of K-pop fandom.

Netizens Question the Soaring Prices of RIIZE Photocards

RIIZE photocards prices

In the world of K-pop, collecting photocards has always been a popular but increasingly costly hobby. While it’s common for photocards of established artists like BTS or TWICE to fetch high prices… The recent surge in the cost of photocards from rookie boy group RIIZE has left fans and netizens astounded.

A Reddit post recently highlighted a fan’s quest to acquire a specific photocard of RIIZE’s Wonbin, only to discover that it was listed for an eye-watering $230 USD.

This has sparked a wider conversation about the escalating costs of K-pop fandom, particularly for a group that debuted less than two months ago.

The Economics of K-pop Collectibles

The culture of collecting photocards is not new, but the financial burden it imposes has reached new heights. With each artist comeback, fans are faced with an increasing number of photocard versions. This makes it almost impossible to complete a set without spending a small fortune.

People generally accept high prices for well-known artists, but the steep costs of a rookie group’s photocards have raised eyebrows and sparked online debates.

The Fan’s Dilemma: Is It Worth It?

The Reddit post and subsequent comments reflect a growing concern among fans about the affordability of maintaining their K-pop collections.

The question that looms large is whether the culture around collecting photocards has become prohibitively expensive, even for the most ardent fans.

As the debate rages on, the exorbitant prices of RIIZE’s photocards serve as a stark reminder of the financial commitments that come with being a K-pop fan. It raises the question: has the culture around collecting photocards become too expensive to sustain?

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