The FIFTY FIFTY Saga Timeline Explained Part 2

In a series of events that have captivated fans and industry insiders alike, the legal disputes involving entertainment agency ATTRAKT, popular girl group FIFTY FIFTY, and The Givers’ CEO Ahn Sung Il have taken several dramatic turns.

This comprehensive article delves into the key developments, offering a chronological account of the unfolding saga.

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September 25: Court Rules on Ahn Sung Il’s Embezzlement

In a landmark decision, the Seoul Eastern District Court approved ATTRAKT’s request to seize copyright fees from Ahn Sung Il, CEO of The Givers, for embezzling company funds. This ruling has far-reaching implications, as it marks the court’s first stance on Ahn Sung Il’s legal misconduct.

ATTRAKT has filed a criminal complaint against an individual who appeared on SBS’s investigative show “Unanswered Question,” accusing them of tarnishing the company’s reputation. The episode, which delved into FIFTY FIFTY’s legal battle with ATTRAKT, faced public backlash for its lack of proper research.

October 11: ATTRAKT’s New Girl Group Sparks Curiosity

As the legal drama continues, ATTRAKT is already planning its next move—a new girl group. With a proposed lineup of 7-9 members, the agency aims for a debut in June 2024. The selection process will be conducted through an audition program, adding another layer of intrigue to ATTRAKT’s future.

October 13: FIFTY FIFTY Accuse ATTRAKT CEO of Falsifying Group Expenses

FIFTY FIFTY took to social media to challenge claims made by their CEO, Jun Hong-Joon, regarding the group’s expenses. Despite losing a lawsuit against their agency ATTRAKT, the members continue to use their platform to demand transparency and truth.

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October 14: FIFTY FIFTY Reveal Allegations of Severe Neglect by ATTRAKT

K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY accuses their label ATTRAKT of severe neglect and mistreatment. The allegations, detailed in personal quotes on Instagram, have sent shockwaves through the industry.

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October 15: FIFTY FIFTY Faces Backlash Over Latest Instagram Post

FIFTY FIFTY faces backlash over a recent statement on Instagram that has turned into a PR catastrophe. The members have publicly criticized their CEO, Jeon Hong-Jun, for his conduct during an investment meeting. Let’s delve into the intricate details of this unfolding drama.

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October 16: FIFTY FIFTY’s Contract Dispute Takes a New Turn

FIFTY FIFTY withdrew their lawsuit to terminate their contract with ATTRAKT. However, it was later clarified that only one member, Keena, had actually dropped the lawsuit, leaving the remaining members to continue their legal battle.

October 18: Keena’s Emotional Return to ATTRAKT

Keena, who had initially been part of the lawsuit against ATTRAKT, returned to the agency in a highly emotional state. ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong Jun, expressed his willingness to support Keena as she takes time to self-reflect.

October 19: The Real Reason Behind Keena’s Return

Jeon Hong Jun revealed that Keena’s decision to return was influenced by her growing mistrust of Ahn Sung Il, who had reduced her copyright shares and falsified his credentials.

October 21: Damning Evidence Against Ahn Sung Il Surfaces

ATTRAKT released an audio recording implicating Ahn Sung Il and Warner Music Korea in a scheme to poach FIFTY FIFTY members. This revelation adds a new dimension to the ongoing legal disputes.

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