ATTRAKT terminates contracts of three FIFTY FIFTY members

In a surprising turn of events, K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY is facing major changes. Their agency ATTRAKT has cut ties with members Saena, Sio, and Aran due to “serious contract violations.”

Amidst this chaos, Keena, another member of the group, has chosen to remain with the agency. This comprehensive article delves into the intricate details of this unfolding drama, providing a timeline and expert analysis.

ATTRAKT’s Official Statement

On October 23, ATTRAKT announced the termination of their contracts with Saena, Sio, and Aran, effective from October 19. The agency stated that the members had not shown any signs of reflection regarding their contract violations, thus prompting this drastic measure.

“We will discuss follow-up measures regarding the members moving forward,” said ATTRAKT in an official statement to Sports Seoul.

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The contract termination comes in the wake of an ongoing legal battle between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT. According to South Korean news outlet Dispatch, the agency has accused the trio of making false claims and distorting facts, which have been rejected by the courts.

A Seoul court had previously dismissed the members’ plea to suspend their exclusive contracts, further complicating matters.

Member Profiles: Who Are Saena, Sio, and Aran?

Saena, Sio, and Aran were key members of FIFTY FIFTY, contributing significantly to the group’s international acclaim. Their departure raises questions about the group’s future dynamics and performance capabilities.

The Lone Ranger: Keena’s Decision to Stay

Keena, who had initially joined her fellow members in the lawsuit against ATTRAKT, has withdrawn her legal action and decided to continue with the agency. Her decision has been warmly welcomed by ATTRAKT, and she is expected to resume her activities soon.

The Rise and Fall of FIFTY FIFTY

ATTRAKT terminates contracts of three FIFTY FIFTY members, Keena to remain.
FIFTY FIFTY Contract Termination sees Aran, Sio and Saena leaving ATTRAKT. Only Keena remains.
Chart-Topping Success

The girls gained international acclaim earlier this year with their viral hit, Cupid, breaking records previously held by BLACKPINK on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Legal Battle

The group had filed for a provisional disposition to suspend their exclusive contracts with ATTRAKT back in June. The agency suspected that an external entity, named The Givers, was attempting to buy out the group. However, the Seoul Central District Court rejected their appeals, leading to an even more complicated legal scenario.

What’s Next?

The termination of contracts for three of its members leaves the future uncertain. With Keena being the only member to stay, it remains to be seen how the group will navigate these troubled waters and what impact this will have on their soaring career.

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