FIFTY FIFTY want a No-Contact Clause with ATTRAKT CEO

In a recent revelation, Youtuber Lee Jin-Ho has shed light on the ongoing contractual dispute between K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, ATTRAKT. The key condition for the members Sio, Saena, and Aran to return to the agency is their insistence on not interacting with the agency’s CEO, Jeon Hong-Jun.

The No-Contact Clause

According to Lee Jin-Ho, the remaining members of FIFTY FIFTY have made it clear that they wish to avoid any direct contact with CEO Jeon Hong-Jun as a prerequisite for their return. “CEO Jeon Hong-Jun found it challenging to understand and accept the members’ stance,” Lee Jin-Ho elaborated.

Keena’s Unsuccessful Mediation

Despite Keena’s earnest attempts to persuade her fellow members to reconsider their decision, she was unable to influence the outcome.

Lee Jin-Ho emphasized the dual implications of Keena’s return, stating, “Her return not only nullified the legitimacy of the other members’ stance but also indicated third-party interference in the matter.”

Trademark and Contractual Implications

Lee Jin-Ho also touched upon FIFTY FIFTY’s trademark application, noting that the initial users’ rights are acknowledged in the details. “The return of Keena has essentially made the termination of the contract irrelevant,” he added.

Girl group FIFTY FIFTY we_fiftyfifty

Last June, all four members had filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with ATTRAKT. The group cited unclear financial settlements and neglect of members’ health.

Although the court dismissed the request, the members planned to appeal. However, Keena withdrew her appeal on the 16th and returned to ATTRAKT. This lead to the termination of contracts for the remaining three members.

ATTRAKT has filed a complaint against Ahn Seong-il, CEO of Dougie Bus, accusing him of fraud, breach of trust, and obstruction of business in relation to this incident.

The situation remains fluid, with legal and contractual complexities adding layers of uncertainty. As the K-pop community watches closely, the return of Keena and the members’ no-contact clause for the CEO could be pivotal in shaping FIFTY FIFTY’s future.

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