Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 6 – Recap and Review

Episode 6 – Mystery X

Episode 6 of Strong Girl Nam-Soon opens with a captivating backstory that traces the origins of Nam-Soon’s extraordinary power.

This lineage of strength dates back to 1593 and has been passed down through the women in her family.

Intriguingly, this power reaches its zenith at the age of 22, a traditional age for the women in her family to find a life partner. It is revealed that Nam-Soon had just celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Relationships and Suspicions

The episode then shifts its focus to a conversation between Geum-Ju and Hee-Sik. Geum-Ju shares her reservations about CEO Ryu Shi-Oh, sparking Hee-Sik’s concern for Nam-Soon.

When Geum-Ju probes if Hee-Sik harbours feelings for Nam-Soon, he vehemently denies it, adding a touch of romantic tension to the narrative.

The Doogo mystery

At Doogo, the warehouse where Nam-Soon works, Shi-Oh is seen watching a video of her. He instructs his assistant to have Nam-Soon’s manager spy on her, promising a promotion as an incentive.

This subplot adds a sinister undertone to the corporate environment, making the audience question Shi-Oh’s motives.

Family Dynamics and Self-Image

Back at home, Geum-Ju declares it’s time for a family workout. While the women in the family excel, her brother Geum-Dong and son, Nam-In struggle.

Nam-In confronts his mother about her favouritism towards Nam-Soon, revealing his plans to move in with his father. This confrontation exposes the emotional rifts within the family, adding depth to the characters.

The Financial Web

Geum-Ju’s professional life takes a turn when she discovers a suspicious investment trend among women in Gangnam.

She links this to Bread Song, a character who denies any wrongdoing when confronted. This subplot introduces a financial intrigue that promises to unfold in future episodes.

A Dangerous Revelation

The episode reaches its climax when Hee-Sik and his superior Dong-Seok discover that a drug’s potency increases when mixed with water.

Dong-Seok experiences extreme thirst and hallucinations, leading to a violent outburst. Nam-Soon arrives just in time to subdue him, revealing that his strength has unnaturally increased.

As Geum-Ju makes her entrance for a scheduled meeting with Shi-Oh, Hwa-Ja stealthily approaches an oblivious Nam-Soon, brandishing a knife, and lunges at her. Hee-Sik shouts a warning, but his reaction comes a moment too late.

While the episode could benefit from a tighter pace, it successfully deepens the narrative by exploring the origins of Nam-Soon’s strength and fleshing out the supporting characters.

Fans of the show’s predecessor Strong Girl Bong-Soon will notice more details about the origin story.

The episode’s deliberate cliffhanger leaves viewers no choice but to tune in on October 28 to find out our heroine’s fate.

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