G-Dragon’s Drug Scandal: A Look at the Allegations and Reactions (UPDATED)

Reports of G-Dragon’s alleged involvement in drug abuse have rocked the K-pop world. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the allegations, YG Entertainment’s response, and public speculation, while adhering to the principles of responsible reporting.

G-Dragon Reportedly Booked for Drug Abuse

Reports indicate that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency has booked G-Dragon without detention on drug abuse charges.

The police, who were already investigating Lee Sun-Kyun, found evidence pointing towards G-Dragon. Specific details are being withheld due to ongoing investigations.

YG Entertainment’s Official Statement

YG Entertainment, the label previously associated with G-Dragon, has distanced itself from the artist. The agency stated that commenting publicly is challenging because G-Dragon is no longer signed with them.

This response comes after reports linked G-Dragon’s drug allegations to Lee Sun-Kyun’s drug scandal.

Public Speculation and Viral Footage

Footage of G-Dragon at a Chanel event has gone viral, with netizens speculating about his unusual behaviour.

Older videos showing G-Dragon appearing unstable at an airport have fueled speculations. Fans have expressed their concerns, citing his past record with marijuana and noticeable changes in his demeanour.

Quotes from Concerned Fans

Fans have taken to social media platforms to express their worries. One fan mentioned, “I hope he gets treatment and becomes healthy,” while another questioned, “Or have you gone down a bad path?” These comments reflect the public’s growing concern for the artist.

YG Entertainment’s Silence

Despite the mounting evidence and public speculation…YG Entertainment reiterated that they no longer associate with G-Dragon and have refrained from making any further comments.

UPDATE October 26

Chanel’s Response

Following the recent booking of their ambassador G-Dragon on drug use charges, Chanel has issued a preliminary statement to the media outlet Ilgan Sports.

The luxury brand stated, “We are aware of the ongoing issue concerning G-Dragon’s case, but we have no official position to share at this time.”

G-Dragon had recently attended Chanel’s 2023-24 Cruise Show in May and has been associated with Chanel since 2016.

UPDATE October 27

BMW Korea Pulls G-Dragon’s Promotional Videos Amidst Drug Charges

Following drug-related charges against G-Dragon of Big Bang, BMW Korea has acted swiftly. The company made private all promotional videos featuring G-Dragon on their YouTube channels on October 26. He served as the promotional ambassador for BMW Korea’s latest campaign, ‘New XM.’

G-Dragon Denies Drug Use

G-Dragon has released a statement firmly denying drug use allegations and commits to fully cooperate with ongoing police investigations.

G-Dragon And Lee Sun-Kyun Barred From Leaving Korea

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation team announced on October 27, a travel ban on G-Dragon and Lee Sun-Kyun, pending an ongoing investigation into their alleged drug use.

The Ministry of Justice has approved this restriction on their international movement. Upcoming reagent tests will aim to identify the specific drugs involved and the frequency of their use.

Furthermore, authorities have seized the phone of “A,” who runs the membership room salon in Gangnam linked to the drug allegations against the two celebrities.

The police intend to scrutinize A’s call logs and text messages to corroborate the charges against G-Dragon and Lee Sun-Kyun, and to explore the possibility of additional suspects.

Both G-Dragon and Lee Sun-Kyun face accusations of consuming marijuana and psychotropic substances. Earlier in the day, G-Dragon refuted any involvement in the case.

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What’s Next

The allegations against G-Dragon have stirred the K-pop community, raising questions about the artist’s future and the responsibilities of entertainment labels in such situations.

For updates on G-Dragon’s alleged Drug Scandal, stay tuned to this space and bookmark us.

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Note: The above story was updated on October 27 with the latest developments.


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