STAYC’s Wardrobe Mishap Becomes a Global Sensation

STAYC’s wardrobe mishap during their U.S. tour has turned into an unexpected boon, gaining them a new fanbase from Scotland.

In a delightful turn of events, STAYC’s wardrobe mishap on their U.S. tour has become a global talking point. The fourth-generation K-pop sensation has been touring the United States as part of their TEENFRESH world tour, and their wardrobe choice in Dallas, Texas, became an unexpected hit.

U.S. Tour: A Resounding Success

STAYC’s global appeal was evident from the get-go. Their U.S. tour dates, part of their TEENFRESH world tour, sold out for three shows in just two days. Fans at KCON 2022 Premiere couldn’t help but chant, “STAYC girls, it’s going down,” emphasizing the group’s international stardom.

The Fashion Slip-Up

STAYC performing on stage at their TEENFRESH WORLD TOUR Dallas, Texas concert
(LEFT) Seeun and Yoon in Dallas Cowboys jerseys while on the right we have Sumin and Isa in Rangers FC jerseys.

During their Dallas performance, STAYC showcased various fashion styles, including chic dresses and tour merchandise. However, a wardrobe mishap occurred when members Isa and Sumin wore jerseys meant for the Texas Rangers baseball team but ended up donning jerseys from Scotland’s Rangers Football Club.

Global Attention from the Mixup

The wardrobe mixup didn’t go unnoticed. Fans of the Scottish soccer team and even major global media outlets like the New York Times and BBC News (UK) picked up the story.

Scotland Awaits STAYC

The jersey mixup has Scottish fans buzzing about the possibility of STAYC performing in Scotland. The incident has turned into a charming global narrative, making STAYC even more endearing to fans worldwide.

STAYC’s recent wardrobe mishap has proven that even unintended actions can lead to positive outcomes. The group’s charm and the universal appeal of music and fandom have turned a simple mistake into a viral talking point.


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