BIGHIT Music Denies Claims Linking BTS to Elite Hostess Club

BIGHIT Music denies claims that BTS members regularly visited an upscale hostess club, the same venue allegedly frequented by G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun.

The company actively denies that these rumours have any foundation or connection to the ongoing drug scandal involving other celebrities.

Official Statement

On October 26, BIGHIT Music released an official statement, strongly denying any BTS involvement in the current drug controversy.

“We categorically deny all rumours about BTS and will take strict legal action against those who spread such false information,” BIGHIT Music announced.

Media Reports

A report from Sports Chosun cited another media outlet that had earlier claimed BTS members regularly patronized the high-end hostess club where Lee Sun-Kyun and G-Dragon also reportedly spent time.

The club charges up to ₩10.0 million KRW (approximately $7,400 USD) for drinks. It is known to exclusively cater to wealthy and high-profile customers.

Police Clarification

Authorities have since confirmed that they have not implicated any additional idols or celebrities in Lee Sun-Kyun’s drug scandal. This effectively puts an end to further speculation.

Netizen Involvement

Users online pinpointed the rumour source suggesting more idols in the drug scandal, fueling the ongoing story.

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