BLACKPINK’s Whistle Makes History in Korean Music Hall of Fame

In an unprecedented move, BLACKPINK’s Whistle has been chosen as the first-ever song to be inducted into the Korean World Music Culture Hall of Fame.

This monumental accolade not only solidifies BLACKPINK’s enduring influence but also highlights the global resonance of Whistle.

Musical Brilliance of Whistle

Launched on August 8, 2016, as a cornerstone of BLACKPINK’s Square One, Whistle is a sonic marvel. It blends minimalist drum and bass rhythms with an enthralling hip-hop melody. Ingeniously, the track incorporates its eponymous whistles, creating a unique auditory experience that has won universal praise.

Accolades and Milestones

The song’s groundbreaking musical style has captivated both audiences and critics. It secured a coveted spot on Billboard‘s list of the best releases of the year. Remarkably, this is the first instance a debut group has received such recognition.

Recently, the Korean Federation of Copyright Societies selected Whistle for induction into the Korean World Music Culture Hall of Fame.

This honour serves as a compelling testament to both BLACKPINK’s and Whistle‘s enduring impact on the world stage.

This induction indelibly etches the legacy of BLACKPINK and Whistle in the annals of South Korean music history.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK!

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