BTS’s V Assures Fans of His Well-Being After Stalker Incident

In a concerning incident on October 26, police apprehended a woman for stalking BTS member V. The stalker followed BTS member V into his residence elevator and attempted to hand him a marriage certificate. Following the incident, V took to social media to assure fans of his safety.

The Stalking Incident

Around 6:30 PM KST on October 26, the stalker trailed BTS member V into his residence elevator, aiming to hand him a marriage certificate. Security personnel intervened, and the police later apprehended her based on the information on the marriage certificate. Reports suggest that she may have a prior criminal offence for stalking V.

Big Hit Music’s Stance

Confirming the incident, Big Hit Music stated, “We exercise a zero-tolerance rule against stalking crimes that threaten our artists and invade their privacy.”

Fan Reactions

The news of the V and his close encounter with a stalker shocked BTS fans globally, prompting many to express their concerns and frustrations on social media platforms.

V’s Assurance to Fans

To alleviate fans’ concerns, V updated his well-being on Weverse and Instagram. On Weverse, he wrote, “Hey hey, I’m all good~~ Don’t worry,” and shared a playful photo against a sunset backdrop. His Instagram story featured moments from his Layover live band performance practice sessions, further indicating his safety.

While the incident has raised concerns about artists’ safety, V’s quick assurance has provided some relief to fans.

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