G-Dragon Denies Drug Use and Pledges Full Cooperation with Police

G-Dragon, a key member of the musical ensemble BIGBANG, has formally rejected claims alleging his drug use and commits to collaborate fully with law enforcement investigations.

The Initial Report

Reports surfaced on October 25, stating that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency had apprehended G-Dragon on drug-related charges.

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Police Clarification

While keeping details confidential due to the ongoing investigation, the police clarified that G-Dragon’s case has no connection to Lee Sun Gyun, who also faces similar scrutiny.

Official Statement

Two days after the initial report, G-Dragon’s legal team released an official statement. In this statement, G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji Yong, categorically denied using drugs.

G-Dragon’s Full Statement

Kwon Ji Yong stated, “Firstly, there is no veracity to the allegations that I have consumed drugs. Moreover, I am not connected to the recent media reports concerning violations of the Act on the Control of Narcotics. Nonetheless, understanding the public concern, I shall fully cooperate with the police investigations.”

Public reaction to G-Dragon’s denial

Public opinion on G-Dragon’s statement is divided among netizens. Some say they will reserve judgment until the completion of the full investigation, while others cite recent videos of the star as evidence of drug abuse.

Here are some comments from social media:

  • “I bet he’s again going to say that he didn’t know.”
  • “And I’ve never breathed air before.”
  • “He’s again trying to make the idiots believe him so that he can promote again.”
  • “But doesn’t GD not have any contract fees to worry about? Is he an endorsement model?”
  • “But if he’s really innocent, don’t you think he would have denied the allegations in the press as soon as the reports first went out? You know he’s being coached to do all of this, so why are you guys believing him? LOL. Are you guys dumb?”
  • “Sure…”
  • “Can’t they tell by just testing his hair? Why go through a full investigation? LOL.”
  • “Even if he is innocent, does this change anything? His fans will just have another grievance.”
  • “The truth will come out once they test him. Since he says he is innocent, let’s wait.”

As this unfolding story continues to capture public attention, G-Dragon’s unequivocal denial and pledge for full cooperation with the authorities not only aims to clear his name but also addresses the concerns of fans and the general public.

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