K-pop News 271023: IZ*ONE, SOOJIN GOT7 and more

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Police Clear Kang Hye-Won and Others in Drug Controversy Rumors

In a recent development, the Incheon Police have officially debunked rumours surrounding former IZ*ONE member Kang Hye-Won’s involvement in a drug controversy. The police stated that reports claiming Kang Hye-Won was under investigation were unequivocally false.

The rumours had originated from online community posts linking her to G-Dragon’s ongoing drug scandal. Similar false allegations had also implicated (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chae-Won. Stay tuned for verified updates on the drug controversies involving G-Dragon and Lee Sun-Kyun.

GOT7’s Youngjae Unveils Do It Album Tracklist

Youngjae from GOT7 has released the tracklist for his upcoming full-length album, Do It, scheduled for release on November 6 KST. The album features a variety of tracks, including the title song Do It, Flower, Deal, and more. The teaser image intriguingly showcases a hazy sports field, adding an element of mystery to the album.

Soojin’s Solo Debut: A Journey into Korean Folklore

Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin is set to make her solo debut with the digital single Agasshi, releasing on November 8 at 6 PM KST. The concept photos reveal Soojin in a traditional hanbok-style dress, suggesting a thematic connection to Korean folklore. This marks her return to the music industry nearly two years after her departure from (G)I-DLE.

LE SSERAFIM Teams Up with Overwatch 2 for Perfect Night

Girl group LE SSERAFIM has released their first English-language digital single, Perfect Night, in collaboration with the popular video game Overwatch 2 by Blizzard Entertainment.

The music video portrays Overwatch 2 characters attending a LE SSERAFIM concert, blending the virtual and real worlds seamlessly.

The group has a series of promotions lined up, including appearances on U.S. and Korean television, as well as a performance at BlizzCon® 2023.

SEVENTEEN Breaks Records with Seventeenth Heaven

SEVENTEEN has set a new record for the highest first-week album sales in K-pop history with their 11th mini-album, Seventeenth Heaven. According to Hanteo, the group sold 4,617,600 albums in just four days, surpassing the previous record held by Stray Kids.

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