Suzy Names Doona as Her Most Cherished Role to Date

In a recent interview with a media outlet, Suzy, the renowned actress, divulged that among all the roles she has portrayed, Doona from the Netflix original series holds a special place in her heart.

Growing Affection for Complex Characters

As Suzy’s acting prowess has matured, she finds herself increasingly drawn to characters burdened with emotional complexities. This is a departure from her earlier roles, where she was celebrated as “the nation’s first love” but had a limited understanding of the acting craft.

Real-Life Experiences Shape the Role

In a scene set in a convenience store, Suzy shared her real-life experiences with the director. She noted that nowadays, celebrities are less concerned about being recognized and more worried about unauthorized photographs.

Authenticity in Characterization

The series indeed incorporated Suzy’s input. In another scene where Doona purchases cigarettes, Suzy insisted on an age-appropriate casting for the shop owner to maintain realism.

Emotional Depth

Doona felt confined in her shared living space, finding solace only in the cigarettes she smoked. Suzy revealed that Doona’s attire, light despite the winter season, was a reflection of her emotional state.

Adding Nuances

To authentically portray Doona, Suzy took the liberty of adding expletives that were not in the original script. She felt that the character’s emotional intensity required a more forceful expression.

Director’s Approval

During rehearsals, the director questioned the added lines. Suzy explained her rationale, to which the director responded positively, appreciating the added depth to the character.

Future Roles

When queried about reprising roles, Suzy expressed her willingness to take on both Doona and Seoyeon from Architecture 101, indicating her ongoing passion for acting.

Suzy’s deep connection with her character Doona emphasises her evolving approach to acting, one that is increasingly nuanced and emotionally resonant.

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