Keena of FIFTY FIFTY to Attend Billboard Awards

In a recent development, ATTRAKT, the agency behind the K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY, has confirmed that Keena, the sole remaining member, will be gracing the approaching Billboard Music Awards. This news follows the agency’s decision to end contracts with three former members—Aran, Sio, and Saena—citing legal and contractual issues.

ATTRAKT has made a strong move by cancelling the contracts of Aran, Sio, and Saena. A representative from the agency said … “We have incontrovertible proof of illicit collusion between these three members and Ahn Sung Il of The Givers. Legal actions are forthcoming.”

The agency said that this parting was an outcome due to the trio’s breach of contract. Which included dissemination of false information, and defamation.

Billboard Music Awards: Keena’s Participation

In the midst of the buzz surrounding FIFTY FIFTY’s nomination for ‘Top Duo/Group’ at the Billboard Music Awards, the question of Keena’s involvement has been a focal point. Infuse Creative, the U.S. PR agency for ATTRAKT, said in a press release, “Keena’s participation in the Billboard Music Awards is confirmed.”

FIFTY FIFTY’s Future Plans

Moreover, Infuse Creative relayed ATTRAKT’s intentions to restructure FIFTY FIFTY. An agency representative elaborated, “ATTRAKT has the requisite expertise and capabilities for FIFTY FIFTY’s content creation. We aim to relaunch the group, featuring Keena as a key member.”

Additional Information

For further details, consult Keena’s interview with Dispatch, which exposes Ahn Sung Il’s manipulative actions against the group.

As FIFTY FIFTY navigates through these changes, the spotlight is on Keena and the group’s future direction. With legal proceedings in progress and a reorganization underway, the Billboard Music Awards will serve as a defining moment for both Keena and ATTRAKT.

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