Dream Academy girls get sexy in Mission 3 performances

The music videos are out for The Debut: Dream Academy contestants’ third survival mission, which saw the remaining 13 contestants split into three groups. Each team delivered a performance cover of three iconic pop songs – Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls, Confident by Demi Lovato and Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

Global audiences can vote for their favorite contestants on Weverse and TikTok to determine who is fit to debut.

Team Buttons: Celeste, Daniela, Manon, Nayoung, and Sophia

Dream Academy girls get sexy in Mission 3 performances

The girls definitely brought their A-game here. The performance highlighted their dance skills and ability to perform as a group, while still allowing each girl to have her moment. While we’re still unsure about the decision to set the song in a lower key, the girls’ vocals were nevertheless on-point. For us, Daniela, Sophia and Manon really shone in the spotlight here, while we wish we could have seen more of Celeste and Nayoung.

Team Confident: Lara, Megan, Marquise, and Yoonchae

Dream Academy girls get sexy in Mission 3 performances

This was our favorite performance of the three. The four girls were in perfect sync with each other, and really managed to sell the message of this iconic girl power anthem. Each girl handled the vocals and the dance choreography excellently, and were also visibly connecting with the audience, even when they were not the center. It was impossible to choose which girl stood out the most here, as they all delivered.

Team Wannabe: Emily, Ezrela, Ua, and Samara

Dream Academy girls get sexy in Mission 3 performances

The mood for this song was ‘cute and energetic’, and it really suited the girls of this team. The performance required plenty of dancing while singing, and all four girls managed it well. We enjoyed seeing their natural charisma and energy shining through. For us, the standout has to be Emily, who seemed born for performances like this. Ezrela, Samara and Ua also definitely showed their fun personalities in this round.

It is going to be difficult to decide which 10 girls will remain for the next mission. Final results and eliminations for The Debut: Dream Academy Mission 3 will be announced on November 5 at 8AM PT (November 6, 1AM KST).

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