Eric Nam cancels Kuala Lumpur tour date amidst controversy

Singer Eric Nam has officially announced the cancellation of his Kuala Lumpur tour date. His statement, released on his official Twitter account, cited ‘safety concerns’ as the reason for the cancellation. The artist had been facing a backlash for liking an Instagram post that expressed a neutral stance on the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.

Many fans felt that the post’s neutral stance overlooked the ongoing struggles in the region. In particular, many Malaysian fans expressed their disappointment and urged Eric Nam not to perform in the country. Several even claimed that they would not attend his performance in Kuala Lumpur as a result.

Eric Nam cites ‘abundance of caution’

In his heartfelt statement, Nam expressed: “Hi everyone – following the horrific events of October 7th, I liked a post that I believed expressed a position of anti-violence, anti-hate and was against intolerance.

“My liking of that post was a reaction to waking up to devastating news, as someone who has always been pro-human, pro-peace, and for love and equality for all. After that, I received threats related to my scheduled show in Kuala Lumpur.

“Out of an abundance of caution for my team and my fans, I made the difficult decision to cancel the show. My heart is broken for the Palestinian and Israeli families that have been ripped apart by violence and are facing unimaginable loss. Nothing I say can be enough when there is so much pain and suffering, but I am praying every day that there is peace and safety for everyone soon.”

This statement came days after fans noticed that updated schedules of the House On A Hill Tour no longer included Kuala Lumpur. The stop was originally scheduled for February 20, 2024.

Fan reactions to the statement

Eric Nam’s statement drew mixed reactions from fans. Several praised the artist for his explanation for why he liked the post. Others criticized the delay in issuing an official response, and for continuing to stay neutral on the issue.

Among the responses found online:

  • “We’ve all been guilty of commenting on or liking a post before finding out important facts behind it. We’re human. You’re human.”
  • “We support you Eric. Anyone who knows you and your brand know that you would never come from a bad place and are always in support of peace. People take things out of context and choose to make assumptions based on their own beliefs.”
  • “Thank you for finally speaking out and giving some peace of mind for fans. I hope you use this experience to grow as a person, knowing that you have a huge impact on social media. I hope that you will do your part in educating yourself and helping where you can.”
  • “Thank you for cancelling my country but the damage has been done. And this statement just make it worse for yourself Eric. You simply can’t pull the ‘i’m neutral’ card when this currently happening in Palestine.”
  • “I think fans only threatened to not go to your show Eric. It’s not a serious threat.”
  • “How many days passed until he ‘speaks up’ but first he was posting cooking videos and showing he canceled a concert and still takes a neutral side.”

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