Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 7 – Recap and Review

Episode 7 – Moonbow

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 7: Nam-Soon confronts Hwa-Ja.

The episode kicks off with a high-stakes confrontation between Nam-Soon and Hwa-Ja, who brandishes a knife at her. Our Strong Girl Nam-Soon, displays her extraordinary strength, halts the knife just inches from her body and propels Hwa-Ja away.

Hee-Sik intervenes, revealing his identity as a police officer and informing Hwa-Ja that she has sustained a bone fracture.

A Game of Cards and Corporate Ambitions

Geum-Ju and Shi-Oh engage in a private meeting, spiced up with a game of blind man’s bluff using cards. The stakes are high: the winner gets to make an irresistible offer to the loser. Geum-Ju triumphs in the first round and expresses her interest in investing in Doogo, Shi-Oh’s company while probing into its financial backers.

Family Secrets and Independence

Nam-in declares his independence from his mother, Geum-Ju, during a conversation with Bong-go. He hints at Geum-Ju’s desire to keep Nam-Soon’s true identity under wraps.

Scams, Investigations, and Departures

Joong-Gan and Jun-Hee, with Geum-Dong’s assistance, track down the individual who defrauded Jun-Hee.

Meanwhile, Young-Tak visits Dong-Seok at Hee-Sik’s residence, where Dong-Seok denies consuming water and decides to leave to aid the ongoing investigation.

Hwa-Ja is hospitalized, awaiting arrest upon recovery. Nam-Soon and Hee-Sik discuss their next steps, contemplating hacking into the CEO’s computer to unearth a client list.

Nam-Soon also converses with a Doogo employee who claims to have a special energy drink that enables him to work extended hours.

Nam-in discusses a new diet pill with Bong-Go, while Dong-Seok succumbs to his cravings for water, triggering an immediate reaction due to the drug in his system.

CEO Meetings and Undercover Plans

Nam-Soon is summoned by Shi-Oh, the CEO of Doogo, under the pretext of her theft from the company. She views this as an opportunity to gather intel and informs Hee-Sik, who abruptly changes his plans to assist her.

Family Time

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 7: A family dinner

The episode culminates in a family party where relationships are explored, pranks are played, and emotional backstories are revealed. Nam-Soon and Hee-Sik share a heartfelt conversation about their pasts.

The episode concludes with Shi-Oh offering Nam-Soon a new role at Doogo, contingent upon her passing a mysterious test. The episode ends with viewers wondering what test the evil Shi-Oh has planned for Nam-Soon.

Oppa’s Thoughts

I find myself disenchanted by the producers’ treatment of Hwa-Ja, especially considering that earlier episodes seemed to suggest a possible redemption arc for her.

The inclusion of various subplots and exaggerated escapades concerning Nam-Soon’s relatives and acquaintances disrupts the story’s coherence. Aside from these issues, the episode does contribute to the development of Hee-Sik’s character and provides insights into Shi-Oh’s aspirations.

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