Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 8 – Recap and Review

Episode 8 – Light and Shadow of Gangnam

In this riveting episode of Strong Girl Nam-Soon, we delve deeper into the lives of our central characters, each grappling with their own set of challenges, secrets, and ambitions.

The episode kicks off with Nam-soon successfully completing a strength test, earning Shi-Oh’s confidence. Meanwhile, Geum-Ju is seen riding her bike, following a GPS signal, only to encounter two random bikers and engage in an unexpected conversation.

Jun-Hee and Joong-Gan grow increasingly close, with Jun-Hee revealing the backstory of her daughter Geum-Ju’s rise to affluence.

Mysterious Pills and Unfortunate News

Nam-In acquires another pill by transferring money to a number provided on a card given by the mysterious woman. Nam-Soon updates Hee-Sik about her activities, causing him concern. She is then shocked to learn about the sudden death of her co-worker, who had consumed a large amount of energy drinks. Could this be a contributing factor to his death?

Corporate Concerns and Emotional Moments

Upon hearing about the staff death, Shi-Oh angrily reprimands his assistant, not out of concern for the deceased but for the potential damage to his company’s reputation. Later, Hee-Sik finds Nam-Soon drowning her sorrows in Soju due to her colleague’s death. He offers comforting words and compliments her rosy cheeks, leading to a bold romantic proposition from Nam-Soon.

Unfolding Mysteries and Hidden Agendas

Geum-Ju hears about Song Bread from her Heritage Club associates, raising her suspicions as she can’t find any information on him. Nam-Soon, now going by the name Hillary Khan for work purposes, joins Shi-Oh at the Heritage Club.

Marie Kim is displeased by Shi-Oh’s decision to delegate his responsibilities to Nam-Soon. A test involving a bottle of tranquillizer leads to a tense moment, but Nam-Soon reveals her resistance to the substance.

Risky Missions and Unveiled Connections

Nam-Soon undertakes a daring mission to infiltrate Doogo Company disguised as a ghost. She successfully retrieves Shi-Oh’s desktop but has a close call with one of his bodyguards.

Geum-Ju scrutinizes photos of Shi-Oh taken in Russia and spots Song Bread, deepening her curiosity. Nam-In continues his quest for quick weight loss by taking another pill.

Unlikely Meetings and Cliffhangers

Dong-Suk has a clandestine meeting with Shi-Oh’s primary drug supplier, presumably to acquire more substances. The episode concludes with Jun-Hee proposing to Joong-Gan, while Geum-Ju receives a call from her father, who has arrived in Korea.

As the episode comes to a close, we are left with more questions than answers. The complex narrative involving trust, deception, and unfolding mysteries has set the stage for what promises to be an intriguing series of developments in the episodes to come.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon is now streaming on Netflix with Episode 9 airing on November 4.

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