BTOB’s Contract Talks with Cube Entertainment Stalls

In the world of K-pop, contract renewals can be a turning point for both artists and their agencies. For BTOB, a third-generation K-pop group, their future hangs in the balance as five members find themselves without a contract.

Cube Entertainment, their current agency, is in ongoing talks with the group, but no agreement has been reached. This situation has led to rampant speculation and concern among fans and industry insiders alike.

Contract Expiration and Renewal Talks

The Current State of Affairs

As initially reported by Ilgan Sports, BTOB’s contract with Cube Entertainment has ended for five of its six members. Despite this, there has been little progress in renewal discussions.

Cube Entertainment has expressed its intention to continue negotiations, but it’s worth noting that some BTOB members are also in talks with other agencies.

Financial Considerations

One of the major sticking points in the contract renewal is the down payment. Reports suggest that other agencies have offered up to KRW 6.00 billion (approximately USD 4.44 million) as a group down payment, adding another layer of complexity to the negotiations.

Cube Entertainment’s Stance

Cube Entertainment released a statement to Xportnews, clarifying that they are committed to doing their best until the end of the existing contracts. They also dismissed the rumoured financial offers from other agencies as unrelated to their stance.

Fan Reaction and Speculation

Netizens have had mixed reactions to the news. While some are rooting for BTOB to find a new agency, others are more cautious, wondering if the group will continue to make music together. Comments range from supportive to critical, with some fans even urging BTOB to leave Cube Entertainment.

  • “Will they move labels together? I think that would work for BTOB.”
  • “I want to see BTOB sing together for a long time.”
  • “I wonder if Cube released the info about the signing bonus…”
  • “Cube, those jerks.”
  • “I am not a fan, but I like their songs and want them to continue releasing music…”
  • “Sigh, Cube b@stards usually don’t re-sign their artists, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Please, BTOB, leave Cube. I don’t care if you have to change your name to CTOC.”
  • “Leave Cube.”
  • “They are a good group, ㅜㅜ.”
  • “Wow, will they all leave to a new label together?”
  • “If they are leaving together, they might be waiting for the one member’s contract to end.”

The Future of BTOB

Ilgan Sports stated that even if BTOB were to sign with a new agency, the group’s members wish to continue their activities together. This has led to speculation that the group might be waiting for the last member’s contract to expire before making a collective decision.

As BTOB and Cube Entertainment navigate these complex negotiations, the future of the group remains uncertain.

What is clear, however, is that both the agency and the members are exploring all options. Whether BTOB will renew their contract with Cube or embark on a new journey with another agency is a question that only time will answer.

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