FIFTY FIFTY Saga intensifies with another lawsuit

The K-pop world witnessed another twist in the ongoing conflict involving the popular group, FIFTY FIFTY. The Givers’ CEO, Ahn Seong-il, has taken legal action against ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong-Jun, alleging defamation.

Ahn Seong-il of The Givers (TGBUS) filed a complaint against Jeon-Hong Jun at Seoul Gangnam Police Station on October 30th. The grievance centres on accusations of spreading misleading information that tarnished Ahn Seong-il’s reputation.

Hwawoo Law Firm, representing TGBUS, clarified that Jeon Hong-Jun’s claims, which implicated Ahn Seong-il and Chairman Baek Jin-sil in unethical practices with FIFTY FIFTY, were baseless. They emphasized that there was no intent to manipulate the group members.


FIFTY FIFTY ver2.0 will feature Keena alongside new members

In related news, on October 29, ATTRAKT, FIFTY FIFTY’s agency, announced that Keena, the group’s sole remaining member, is set to appear at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards.

This development comes after the agency ended contracts with three of its members – Aran, Sio, and Saena – due to alleged contractual breaches, including spreading false information. ATTRAKT has plans to reform the group, with Keena at the forefront.

As the legal battle unfolds, the future of FIFTY FIFTY remains under the spotlight, with fans eagerly awaiting the group’s next steps.

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