A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 4 – Recap and Review

Episode 4

The fourth episode A Good Day To Be A Dog commences on the eve of a wedding. Outside a mall, Seo-Won informs Hae-Na about Bo-Kyeom’s habitual tardiness as a driver.

He expresses concerns that if they accompany Bo-Kyeom, they might be late for the wedding. Understanding the gravity, Hae-Na decides to accompany Seo-Won, much to his delight.

Seo-Won’s Driving Dilemma

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 4: Cha Eun-Woo as Seo-Won.
Seo-Won practising the art of driving stylishly.

Elsewhere, Yul discovers Seo-Won engrossed in mapping out the route to the wedding venue. He’s puzzled, “Why would a beginner like Seo-Won attempt such a long drive?”

Later, Seo-Won immerses himself in online tutorials, hoping to master the art of driving stylishly.

The Curse Looms

Simultaneously, Yu-Na inquires about Hae-Na’s plan regarding the looming curse. The following morning, as Hae-Na prepares for the wedding, she deliberately ignores Ms Yoon’s group chat invitation.

Learning about Hae-Na’s decision to bypass their carpool, a frantic Ms Yoon embarks on a search mission. In a park, Seo-Won, armed with an umbrella, shields Hae-Na from Ms Yoon’s prying eyes. Once the coast is clear, the duo sets off for the wedding venue.

A Drive Filled with Surprises

During their journey, Yul’s call interrupts their drive. He spills the beans about Seo-Won’s novice driving skills. Hae-Na, taken aback, is filled with anxiety for the remainder of the drive.

Arrival and Revelations

I wanna hold your hand.

Despite the odds, they reach the wedding venue in the nick of time. Seo-Won, ever the gentleman, assists Hae-Na, ensuring she’s presentable as they enter the hall. As Bo-Kyeom takes on the role of the host, Seo-Won serenades the newlyweds. His melodious voice leaves Hae-Na, and the attendees spellbound.

Post-Wedding Developments

As the ceremony concludes, Ms Yoon makes a late appearance. Over lunch, Min-sik requests Seo-Won to store some cardboard cutouts in his car. Overhearing this, Ms Yoon cunningly convinces Seo-Won to drop her at the terminal, only to later admit she has a long wait ahead.

Beachside Conversations

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 4: Bo-Kyeom continues to be an enigma.
Friend or Foe? The mysterious Bo-Kyeom keeps viewers guessing with each episode.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Bo-Kyeom and Hae-Na engage in a heart-to-heart about nature and their personal reflections on the ocean. As they decide to head home, Bo-Kyeom contemplates Hae-Na’s past decisions.

Unraveling Emotions

The narrative shifts to Seo-Won dropping off Ms Yoon. He politely declines her dinner invitation and heads home. Concurrently, Hae-Na reminisces about the wedding, her feelings evident as she reads Seo-Won’s apologetic message.

Not A Simple Curse

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 4: A kiss to break the curse.
I’ll just sneak in, kiss him and break the curse!

Yu-Na proposes a bold plan to Hae-Na to break the curse. Despite her reservations, Hae-Na considers it. The subsequent events see them attempting to lift the curse, leading to unexpected and humorous outcomes.

Understanding Fears

Days pass with minimal interaction between Hae-Na and Seo-Won due to school exams. Post-exams, their paths cross, leading to a deeper understanding of Seo-Won’s canine phobia. Hae-Na learns about a traumatic childhood incident that instilled this fear in Seo-Won.

A Step Towards Conquering Fears

I’ll protect you.

Determined to help, Hae-Na offers to assist Seo-Won in overcoming his fear. Their subsequent interactions, filled with moments of tension, humour, and warmth, culminating in a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Check back for our review of the next episode of A Good Day To Be A Dog.

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